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Persona Profile: U'das


Name: U'das
Age: 68
Birthday: m13 d1
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Craft: Seacrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Cartography

Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (November 2007)

Physical Description of Persona:
U'das is 6'3'' tall and nicely muscular, weighing over 200 pounds. His eyes are grey and his head is entirely bald (a family trait, his hairline started its recession when he was twenty and was gone when he was fifty.) His skin has a bronzy tan. His nose is crooked after a childhood mishap while sailing. He has also a long, thin scar on the back of his left hand (another childhood mishap, with knife this time). He has a fresh Threadscore on left side of his head and on upper left arm. With his scars, bald head and crooked nose, he looks like very roguish figure. He has very expressive face, showing his all emotions. He's slowly going blind.

Emotional Description of Persona:
U'das is very much a child of the moment, living in _now_ , not in the past or the future. He is capable of long term thinking and forethought, but he doesn't like it. He's very open and honest about his feelings, and his every emotion can be read from his face. He's an easy fellow to get along, if you don't get offended by his occasional bluntness. Tact and diplomacy are not his strongest skills.

He absolutely hates hidework, but whatever duties he has he takes them seriously and gets them done. He never shrinks from duty or responsibility, no matter how unpleasant it is. He loves fishing.

History of Persona:
U'das' father was a fishcrafter and mother is weyrbred woman. He was their first child. He spent half of his childhood in Far Island Weyrhold, visiting his mother's relatives and other half on sea. He impressed at age of the fifteen. He was in the Weyrhold with his parents, to watch his weyrbred cousin to Stand, when a rider approached his parents and asked if their son could Stand in the Hatching. The Weyrhold had barely enough weyrbrats within right age to cover the dozen eggs on Sands and wanted to offer the hatchlings more choice. U'das' parents gave him a permission to attend the Hatching and he impressed the only bronze of the clutch, Zackariath.

During following turns, U'das made it to the wingrider, then to the wingsecond and finally to a wingleader. He weyrmated with lovely green rider Selja, who birthed him three children. He also fathered few other children, mostly as a result of a Flight. U'das' father was killed on fishing run, when U'das was 40.

When the Northern Weyrs were reopened three turns ago, he transferred there and became a Weyrleader by winning the senior gold's mating flight. During the next weyrleadership-flight, he lost and became a weyrlingmaster. When the Pass begun, his weyrmate was killed in a Fall. Grieving his longtime weyrmate's death, he felt he was unable to perform his duties as weyrlingmaster, and resigned, becoming an ordinary wingrider again.

A close brush with death during a Fall convinced him that change of scenery was in order. He decided to return South, and to a Weyr where nothing reminded him of Selja.
He was very surprised when Zack flew the senior queen soon after their arrival, making him the weyrleader of River Bluff Weyr. They also won Tabanirth's next flight, making him one of the longest lasting weyrleaders in RBW history. Then Zack got badly scored into the wing and the injury was serious enough to force U'das to step down his position as weyrleader. After Zack recovered, U'das returned as a Wingleader.
A gradually weakening eye sight finally forced him to step down after serving the Weyr as Wingleader for many Turns. While he still has some sight left, he's helping to teach the weyrlings.
Retired to Far Island Weyr.

Family and Friends
Udelia, 86, Weyr Resident - Far Island (Mother)
Selja, 7, Deceased (Weyrmate)
U'sel, 39, Brozerider of Marmoth (son)
Seluda, 36, Rider of green Suieyth (daughter)
Seludasjan, 32, Jjm seacrafter (son)

Dragon's Name: Zackariath
Dragon's Age: 52
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Zackariath or Zack is tarnished looking bronze with distinct green sheen on his hide. He is small for a bronze but agile, which makes him deft in catching greens but puts him into disadvantage during gold flight. He think he's the crown jewel of creation and tends to become arrogant. When he becomes too full of himself, his rider usually brings him down a notch or two by calling him "overgrown green," which makes Zack to sputter indignantly. Age has mellowed him a bit and given him more wisdom.

Zack had few odd quirks in his personality, especially his anti-pet attitude: he dislikes firelizards, thinks runnerbeasts as food-not-yet-killed and felines are known to disappear around him. Zack is also as passionate about fishing as his rider.

Approved: December 18th 2005
Last updated: January 18th 2017

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