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River Bluff Weyr

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River Bluff Weyr was hit by an earthquake in month 12 of Turn 8. The Hatching Caverns caved in and enough of the Weyr was damaged that a team of master Masons reported it unsafe for habitation. As a result, River Bluff's residents have been scattered to other Weyrs and its overflight territory divided up.

OOC NOTE: River Bluff Weyr is now a closed NPC location.

Written by Avery as L1 on October 27th 2017


River Bluff Weyrhold was founded three turns prior to the end of the Ninth Pass. Intended to house dragonriders after the end of Thread, it was planned to accommodate a variety of crafts. It was also planned to allow expansion later. The first inhabitants moved in six turns after the end of the Ninth Pass. For turns, the humidity and heat of River Bluff's location were unattractive to many riders and many weyrs echoed with emptiness.

During the long interval, River Bluff's population increased only marginally at first. As many of the other Weyrholds grew too small for viability, River Bluff became a more popular choice for the remaining dragonriders, who were by then southern-bred, and accustomed to the heat. When queens began producing massive clutches as the current Pass approached, River Bluff's population boomed.

Five turns before this present Pass began, the former Lady Weyrholder, Rhonia and her queen, Kaventeth, retired. Tsaera took the position of Weyrwoman when her Tabanirth was the next queen to rise. The Weyrhold was renamed to a Weyr and it started to prepare for the return of Thread. When Tsaera decided to step down after leading River Bluff through five turns of the current Pass, Zharesti became Weyrwoman. After alienating most of the Weyr by decreeing all residents of age had to Stand for her first hatching, she continued her term until she became ill and was forced to transfer to recuperate. Vista Point Weyr dumped one of its junior goldriders, Rhosyn, on unsuspecting River Bluff. Her gold Orlaith was the first to rise and she began her term as Weyrwoman with K'sedel as her Weyrleader.


River Bluff Weyr is located 750 miles west from Jade Harbor Hold. It is carved into the corner of a cave-pocked cliff overlooking a river on one side and sea on the other.

The average winter low temperature is 50°F (12.7°C); the average winter high is 85°F (29.4°C). During the summer months, the average low temperature is 77°F (25°C); the average high 101°F (38.3°C).

Building Information

River Bluff is a Weyr, and most of the living spaces are either natural caves or artificially carved caves. The caves (weyrs) are connected by a corridors inside the cliff. Most of the weyrs are spacious and have their own bathing chambers. The most popular weyrs are the ones overlooking the sea. Some of the smaller and newer weyrs lack the private baths, but there are three public bath chambers.

Technology Level

Except some of the newest weyrs and storage caverns, all weyrs and staff quarters have electric lighting and private bathing chambers. The Weyr's power is produced by a hydro-power plant.

Female Policy

River Bluff Weyr allows female crafters and has been a sanctuary for runaway hold women for many turns.

Population and Plague Effects

The plagues did hit River Bluff Weyrhold too and its population decreased during that era. But the population soon reached and surpassed its previous level when the queens started to lay massive clutches.


River Bluff Weyr receives tithes from Jade Harbor Hold, Garnet Valley Hold, and Sunstone Seahold. The Weyr has crafters of its own. During the long interval River Bluff Weyrhold was self-sufficient. It had its own non-rider holders and the dragonriders were known to hunt, fish, and farm. When the Pass began, the holders were transferred to Jade Harbor's leadership and the Weyr became dependent on tithes.

Transportation Information

River Bluff's main transportation is by dragonback, but the Weyr has also a small port and tithes are delivered there by ship (faster than by land). There is a road between River Bluff and Jade Harbor Hold.

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