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Green Valley Hold

Minor Holder: Coran
Holder's Wife: OPEN
Steward-MH: OPEN
Headwoman-MH: OPEN


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Reven celebrates his birthingday twice in one day during Month 3. He and Arippa enjoy some alone time together the morning of his 30th birthingday and that evening a party is held for the Holder.

Coran and Relea receive some unexpected, but pleasant news, she is pregnant again. Coran, however, is not as excited as Relea would like since he's worried about the possibility of her miscarrying again. Throughout the month Coran seems to become increasingly more detached from Relea, making her worry about her husband's devotion.

Written by Heather as L3 on January 7th 2016


Founded just after the end of the last pass, Green Valley has grown from a small cothold to a rather large minor hold, beholden to Emerald Falls Hold. It was founded by Holder Rakael and his wife Dhamriel, who spent thirty Turns together building a strong foundation for the future of Green Valley. Rakael's only son, Drakhel had married Tharmia, a local from the territory. At 59 Turns of age Drakhel inherited Green Valley after his father's passing. Drakhel and Tharmia's work together was short lived as Drakhel was thrown from a runner while out on a scouting trip to acquire a new piece of river territory for Green Valley only ten Turns into their holdership.

Drakhel and Tharmia had two sons very late into their thirty Turn marriage. The oldest, Remusad, and the younger Rendrall. Rendrall was only seven when his father passed away, and Remusad only seventeen, both too young and inexperienced to run a fledgling minor Hold. And so the Holdership was given to Drakhel's sister and her husband, Kohlira and Leran. Together the two of them looked after Green Valley for fifteen Turns, establishing a new set of larger stables in the hopes to make their holding more prosperous through the trade of runner flesh.

When Leran passed away his only son Kohler inherited and was forced to marry a woman by the name of Mirdra. The pair had a tumultuous love-hate relationship that was a source of amusement for many to watch. It was during their short time together that the new stables were burnt to the ground, most likely sabotaged from within. Kohler did not last a complete Turn as Holder before perishing in what many would consider to be a freak accident- he fell from a high window after consumming too much wine.... Or was he pushed?

The authority of Green Valley once again passed back over to the other side of the family. Remusad was plenty old enough at 57 to run and manage Green Valley and he did so beautifully. Remusad and his wife Namiria, groomed their son Namrien to take over Green Valley. He'd spent some of his younger turns fostering at other Minor Holds, so he could learn how things worked outside of Green Valley. But Namrien was only 21 turns when Remusad's health began to fade, and Namiren was called back to Green Valley full time to both aid him, and to learn as much as he could before his father passed.

Remusad soon passed and Namiria pushed her son toward marriage. So he went to Amber Hills Hold where he asked Lord Zathris for permission to court his niece Lady Arippa. The young woman moved to Emerald Falls under the oversight of Lady Felyna for their courtship but before their relationship could be established the young Holder was killed in a riding accident.

This put his eldest cousin Reven, son of Rendrall, youngest heir of Drakhel, directly in line to inherit at the age of 28. Reven had spent most of his life being fostered at the neighboring territory of Red Rush and wasn't exactly enthusiastic about having to return to Green a Valley. It was at Lord Corowal's behest that Reven accept the position at Green Valley, and although Reven had reservations, his parents gave him the push that he needed to accept. While there Reven met the woman that should have been his late cousin's betrothed- Arippa. With Lord Corowal and Lady Felyna's approval Reven began courting Arippa and soon the two were married, finally giving Green Valley another holder and holder's wife to lead the minor hold into prosperity.


Situated between Field Meadows and Red Rush, Green Valley is aptly named with lush, fertile fields that surround the minor holding. Riding at a fast clip Green Valley is a day's journey from Emerald Falls. Wagons and slower moving travelers will find the journey relatively easy to travel, having to cross only one steep incline on their two day journey. At the top of this ridge you can look down into the bowl of the valley.

The main buildings are set back against a thick forest to the west. To the south of the main buildings the Stables are set up with a large pasture and corral area for the runners. East of the main building is where the major crops and fields are established that sustain the minor hold.

Building Information

Green Valley Hold spread out across several acres with streets well maintained and even some paved near the main Hold. The main hold building is a large three story main building with a two story L shaped wing to one side enclosing a small ornamental garden. The Holder and family quarters are in this wing. The Offices are located in a smaller separate building on the other side. The Gather square is across a wide paved street with a marketplace close by. They also boast a well maintained Tavern. A large building near the square houses the harpers and this is where the hold children attend their harper lessons.

Technology Level

Green Valley is fortunate to have a source of electric power. Using a diagram from the AIVAS(tm) files, Smithcrafters created one of modern Pern's geothermal generators. This system not only provides the hold with electricity, but also an abundance of hot air and hot water. Simple, but effective plumbing runs throughout the Hold, but is less reliable in the higher levels of the main building.

Female Policy

The formal policy of Green Valley is to not allow female crafters from the Hold itself. As there are no Halls located here this means the majority of crafters are male though some of the women may also have learned some skills they are not formally trained.

Population and Plague Effects

There are close to 900 people beholden to the Hold, though some of them are spread out in smaller cotholds a bit farther away in the fields surrounding it.

The plague touched Green Valley in the same way it did most of the southern continent. The population is slowly growing and returning to pre-plague population levels.


Farming, is the main source of food for Green Valley. The main crops are grains like wheat and barley, with vegetables and even small groves of fruit trees.. There are a few beastholds scattered across Green Valley Hold provide a source of meat, and a small source of income and tithe to their Lord. Recently there has been a push to make Green Valley's runners a more profitable income and a new stable has been built to accommodate more runners.

Transportation Information

Green Valley is at the crossroads between several of the minor and cot holds beholden to Emerald Falls and other inland areas. As such there is a runner station and a great deal of traffic and trade comes through on it's way to the Major Hold.

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