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Persona Profile: Royah

Writer: Emma (ONPC)

Name: Royah
Age: 43
Birthday: m4 d22
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Assistant to the Lord Holder

Physical Description of Persona:
Royah has features like his fathers but rounded and softened slightly thanks to his mother's genes.
He has crystal blue eyes, medium brown hair worn short. He tans easily, most of the turn he has a natural tan, and stands around 6 foot tall.

Emotional Description of Persona:
The joker, thats what most people think of when they meet Royah. He's not one to take things seriously, life is a game to be played and enjoyed.

However, if you give him something to do, he'll do it and do it well. Just don't rely on him to do it quickly, pressure him and he'll worry about it and waste time and end up doing a scrappy job.

History of Persona:
Royah is the fourth child of Lord Benaroy's second wife, Anley. Three turns later, she died.

Royah and the rest of his siblings were brought up knowing the history of their once great hold. Their father instilled in them all a desire to make it great again, even encouraging a rivalry with neighbouring Amethyst Cliff Hold.

Once deemed old enough, Royah was fostered to Coral Bay Hold for several turns. He returned at age eighteen, saying he wanted to get married. His father approved of the match, the girl in question (Tenia) being the neice of Coral Bay's Lord.

They were married on his 19th Birthingday and have three children.

Now Royah assists his father in his day to day duties, hoping that perhaps one day soon he might just be declared the heir.

Family and Friends
Tenia, 41, Hold resident (Wife)
Roten, 18, Holdbrat (son)
Niaroy, 16, Holdbrat (son)
Yatia, 12, Holdbrat (daughter)
Tenira, 6, Holdbrat (daughter)

Approved: March 18th 2006
Last updated: September 5th 2007

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