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Persona Profile: Enali

Writer: Miriah (ONPC)

Name: Enali
Pronunciation: Eh-NAH-lee
Age: 19
Birthday: m4 d13
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Drudge

Physical Description of Persona:
Enali is a young woman of average height with dark brown hair and wide hazel eyes. She is pretty enough, with a strong jaw and full lower lip, dark slashing eyebrows and a high-bridged nose, but is no raving beauty. She's of average size, neither too slim, nor too rounded.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Enali was once a typical cotholder girl who dreamed of happiness, children, and marriage. Now, with encouragement from much smarter men, she's become angry and calculating. She's intelligent, but despite her strong self-assurance, she doesn't always think ahead or that deeply. She's impulsive at times and her emotions guide her more than her brain.

History of Persona:
Enali was born into a large cotholding family near Emerald Falls Hold. Her upbringing was normal and comparative to others of her age and gender. When she was betrothed to Grevan, a young man who was to be a guard, she couldn't have been happier. He was sweet, kind, a hard worker, and was so gentle to her, that her heart was lost to him.

But Grevan's life took a turn when his father returned from the Weyr beaten and crippled from a fight. Grevan grew angry and bitter at the Weyr and Enali tried to keep his spirits up as his family moved away from the Hold. He still wanted to marry her, but after his father took his own life, he grew distant. Grevan told him that men had come to him, encouraging him to fight back against the Weyr that had so harmed his family; Enali agreed with the men, for Grevan had taken on the burden of caring for his family and her own parents had begun to rethink her marriage to him. But Enali loved him desperately and would have done anything to help him.

When Grevan came to her with a plan that had been devised for him, Enali offered her help. She reached out to a cousin who lived at the Weyr, Jerinne for aid and was surprised when Jerinne readily agreed. Her cousin knew the rider who had hurt Grevan's father and from her description, was a horrible, violent man who had harmed her.

The plan in place, Enali waited for Grevan to return from the Weyr, hoping that once it was over, she could wed her beloved and start a family of their own. That it would be over. But Grevan was caught, the rider lived, and instead of justice, both her cousin and her man were sent to the mines. She resolved to wait for him, however long it took for him to come home. But he never did. Both he and her cousin were killed in a mine collapse.

Enali was devastated. In her grief, men from the hold came to her. They spoke of how the Hold was made weaker by Corowal and a strong Lord Holder would have demanded that Grevan's family would have received proper justice. The Weyr took too much, they said, but she could help right the wrongs. She could get justice for herself, Grevan, and his family. Near maddened by grief, she listened and she agreed.

Though she hated the Weyr with a passion, she was sent there to watch, send back information, and wait for instructions. She should do anything to protect herself, but if she spoke of the men that guided her, she would lose everything. She understood the threat but was not afraid. She was too angry.

Approved: January 4th 2021
Last updated: January 4th 2021

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