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Persona Profile: M'ked

Writer: Eimi

Name: M'ked
Age: 24
Birthday: m12 d14
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
M'ked has a round face with smokey grey-green eyes. He tends to squint when he smiles, and dimples grace his rosy cheeks. His short, wavy hair is reddish brown while his beard, which he keeps neatly trimmed along his jawline, is full on red. Since he could never seem to get his mustache to connect with the rest of his facial hair, he has always shaved it off.

Appearance is very important to M'ked. He is not arrogant by any means about it. But when he looks good, he feels good. As such, he takes an avid interest in maintaining his physique as well. He is especially proud of the muscle mass he has achieved through his daily exercise regime and high protein balanced diet.

Though he is of average height, M'ked is long in the upper body and arms, making him look taller when he is sitting down.

Emotional Description of Persona:
M'ked loves to talk and to get to know people. He doesn't like to be alone for long stretches. It always makes him feel like he is missing out on all the fun. Though he enjoys a good party and large gatherings, he also enjoys quiet moments one on one, especially with ladies. He takes great pleasure in making them smile and feel comfortable.

He is always ready to swoop in to try to care for or comfort a friend in need. For some, his careful attention can feel a bit smothering, which he has learned and tries to be aware of, but it is an on-going process. The last thing he ever wants to do is hurt others, and so when they hurt him, he feels it deeply.

History of Persona:
M'ked was born "Meraked", the son of a greenrider. His birth mother didn't know who his father was as she had a couple flings and a Flight all around the time she would have conceived. She only had limited involvement in his upbringing as Thread's imminent return was becoming more and more obvious around the time of his birth. Though she did maintain a presence during his childhood, he grew up to regard her more as a friend than a parent. He instead was raised in a loving foster family and he could not love them more if they had been related by blood. His younger half brother was fostered with the same family, and so they grew up together.

As soon as his Harper classes finished, Meraked began standing in Hatchings. Though they had known each other all their lives, it wasn't until Candidate classes that Meraked truly bonded with his classmate, Aylee. As luck would have it, they Impressed in the same Hatching, and from that time forward, they became inseparable. They were each other's first love, and though not exclusive, more often than not if you wanted to find one, you need only look for the other. No one who ever meet the pair ever doubted their deep love and affection for each other.

And so it was quite the surprise to everyone, especially M'ked, when Aylee announced her intentions to move North on a temporary assignment to help a struggling Weyr. She insisted that she would be making the journey alone, despite M'ked's repeated offers to go with her. Over a Turn has passed and she has yet to return. Heart broken, M'ked was left with more questions than answers. Though he soldiers on with a brave face and a positive attitude, there is still always something missing...

Family and Friends
Meradeen, 48, Rider of Green Narith (Birth Mother)
Caskew, 51, Sr. Jr. Harper - teacher (Foster father)
Byrdrea, 53, Creche worker (Foster mother)
Merashon, 19, Candidate/Jr. Ap. Healer (Half-brother)
Casrea, 29, Sr. Jr. Harper - instrumentalist (Foster sister)
A'nic, 21, Rider of Green Alabeth (Foster brother)
Aylee, 25, Rider of Green Leareth (Ex. lover)

Dragon's Name: Shefrith
Dragon's Age: 9
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Shefrith is a strong and steady brown. He is a rich, tanned leather color with a short and stocky build. Though not large for a brown, he is rather quick and agile. His personality is more reserved than that of his rider, but he is by no means shy. He especially likes playing with the younglings of the Weyr. Their antics amuse him.

Approved: May 23rd 2019
Last updated: May 23rd 2019

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