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Persona Profile: Garvik

Writer: AmajoS

Name: Garvik
Age: 29
Birthday: m9 d18
Rank: Senior Journeyman Healer
Location: Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Diagnostics
Face Claim: Hugh Laurie

Physical Description of Persona:
Garvik is tall and thin with a long, narrow face and deep-set blue eyes. His hair is light brown and tends toward loose waves if he lets it get long enough.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Garvik is a bit abrasive, with a grumpy, abrupt manner that most find off-putting in a healer. He can be downright cruel when he gets annoyed enough and he finds people in general to be rather annoying.

One of his major flaws (though he does not view it as such) is that he knows exactly how brilliant he is. He has little patience for people who can't keep up with him.

However, he can be very charming and pleasant when he wants to be and he enjoys when people return his sarcasm in kind. And if he decides he likes you, you've made a friend for life - whether you want it or not.

History of Persona:
Garvik was born at Opal Cove Hold along with three brothers, all older than him. His brothers became Beastcrafters, like their father had been, but Garvik decided to become a Healer instead, feeling like his talents would be wasted on animals.

He trained at the Healercraft Hall, choosing a specialty in Diagnostics because he felt like it would be the most interesting and challenging path.

When he got his Senior Journeymn knots, he requested assignment to the Dolphincraft Hall. He hoped to learn more about working with the creatures' sonar abilities to diagnose medical problems. He hopes to use this work to gain his Mastery and if having to tend to the medical needs of the Dolphineers is the price to pay, he'll do it.

Not without grumbling though.

Approved: May 21st 2019
Last updated: May 18th 2019

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