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Persona Profile: Maenna

Writer: Phoenix

Name: Maenna
Age: 20
Birthday: m7 d8
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: Kiera Knightly

Physical Description of Persona:
Maenna is a slender 5'7. She has muscles but they aren't pronounced. She keeps her brownish-blonde hair in a pixie cut. She has clear brown eyes and a light tan. Her face is a bit rounded. She doesn't wear any jewelry despite wanting to specialize in making it. She isn't picky about her clothing having had to either make or steal it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Maenna is a no nonsense type of girl. She likes getting things done herself. She has high self confidence and can fight to survive when she needs to. She tends to protect her younger cousin Meella who had gotten taken at the same time she did. She hates bullies and will do what's needed if they are a threat to her friends and family. Deep down, she fears losing the last of her family.

History of Persona:
Maenna was born to a set of parents in the local caravan. The caravan was more of an extended family. Maenna was very close to her family and bonded with her younger cousin Meella. She became the girls protector when she realized the men were looking at her weird.

Their life and traveling went fine until the bandits attacked. Maenna was 13 and Meella was 11. During the attack, Maenna managed to get in a lucky strike knocking out a bandit with the heavy frying pan she was wielding. Shortly after she got knocked out. She'd froze when she saw her parents being killed.

Sometime later she woke up. She was in a wagon with her cousin and some of the other teenagers that had been captured by the bandits. When they arrived at her destination they were given a choice. Join the Bandits or be killed. Maena chose to join to protect her younger cousin.

Over time Maenna got into things and was known as a protector for the younger kids. She took her role seriously and tried to keep them out of trouble as much as she could. Her chance was finally given when during a massive raid. Her and several others were able to knock out the two remaining bandits and exscape.

Maenna and her cousin and a smaller group of teens made their way towards Dolphin Cove Weyr. They knew they'd find safety there. Now she and Meella are trying to adjust to living in society as well as Weyrlife. Shortly after arriving at the Weyr it was recommended that she join a craft, so she chose to become an Apprentice Smith, while her cousin chose Healing.

A few months after arriving at the Weyr, Maenna finds herself standing for the latest hatching. Midway through she is studied by an blue but ultimately denied. Right after a green named Alabath claims her for her own.

Family and Friends
Meella, 18, Candidate/JA Healer (Cousin)

Dragon's Name: Alabath
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
This Green is a small one with a pretty appearance that is a little strange, though her wings are on the large side and narrow. Her body is mostly a dark Green covering her head, shoulders, wing joints, and most of her front legs. Then a swath of a much paler green covering the rest of her body from just under her wing joints to her rump and down her tail and most of her back legs. The dark green covers her rump, some of the back of her back legs, the edges of her wings and down her tail.

Alabath is a stalwart dragon. She knows where her loyalties lie and will not shirk her duties for anything, not even for a mate. She is friendly enough but when work needs doing she's all for pitching in to help. She will make a good Search dragon. She will know instinctively which Candidates will impress and who will make good Candidates. This green has a competitive streak from the shell. She will push herself to be better at anything and everything, trying to prove she can do things too.

Approved: April 29th 2019
Last updated: January 19th 2021

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