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Persona Profile: T'nep

Writer: Eimi

Name: T'nep
Age: 15
Birthday: m13 d10
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (February 2019)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (February 2019)

Physical Description of Persona:
T'nep is just barely on the tall side of average for his age, but he is starting to hit his big growth spurt. If his brothers are any indication, in the end he will be tall with broad, muscular shoulders, but for now he is still a skinny kid with boyish features. He has bright blue eyes and a wide, toothy grin set in a round face. His freckled nose is broad and stubby. There is a noticeable, though slight gap between his two front teeth that at his age is still considered cute and charming. His big ears stick out from under sandy, sun-bleached brown hair.

Emotional Description of Persona:
T'nep is a kid thrown into an older boy's world. He is surrounded by much older weyrlings who he wants to like and accept him as one of their own. This can lead to a lot of confusion, and fear that he isn't ever going to be like everyone else. He aims to please, but by nature is still that of a goofy, immature, but ultimately kind hearted, kid.

History of Persona:
Talnep was born the youngest of seven surviving children to Betalio and Nephaline of Eastern Point Hold, a sevenday's journey south of Dolphin Cove Weyr along the coast. His father and older brothers are all net weavers for the fishing and shipping industry that dominate the economy of Eastern Point. They are experts at weaving all kinds of fishing nets, spider claw traps, cargo netting and hammocks.

It was expected that Talnep would also join in the family business after Harper Classes, and it seems that was the direction his life was heading in. However, a few months after graduation, he was found on Search. He was not the first of his family to have been honored so, as two of his four older brothers left the net weaving trade to Impress browns at the Weyr. They, though, had been a few turns older when they left home. His parents were concerned about allowing him to leave so young, but following the advice of his older brothers, they allowed him to go.

In his second Hatching, T'nep Impressed brown Meith. Though he is beyond excited at the turn his life has taken, it is not without it's challenges...

Family and Friends
Betalio, 53, Net weaver (Father)
Nephaline, 51, Hold Resident (Mother)
N'lio, 31, Brownrider (Brother)
B'phal, 26, Brownrider (Brother)
Betaline, 23, Hold Resident (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Meith
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Much like his rider, Meith is rather silly and immature for his age. He will settle down in time no doubt, but for the moment, he would much rather play than do any real work. But if his size is any indication, one day he will grow up to be a large, sturdy, deep caramel colored brown that will do the Weyr proud.

Approved: April 17th 2018
Last updated: January 30th 2020

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