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Persona Profile: Brennault

Writer: Aaron

Name: Brennault
Age: 21
Birthday: m3 d14
Rank: Senior Apprentice Runner
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Runner
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

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Physical Description of Persona:
Brennault is of middling height, well-muscled and compact. He is fit as a fiddle, not carrying an ounce of extra weight on his frame. He has well-tanned skin with freckles here and there across his shoulders, longish, sandy-blond hair, and light brown eyes. He likes to wear clothing that accentuates his form while not at work, but otherwise wears clothing suited to long distance trekking and running. Brennault wears a bit of scruff at all times. He can grow a beard just impressive enough to contribute to rather than detract from his attractiveness.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Brennault is a free spirited young man, in love with the world. He loves the sights, sounds, and smells of the outside, and he spends as much of his time there as he can. He has been a runner since he was old enough to trek to the next waystation, and he takes delivery assignments without hesitation. At the same time, he loves being with people, and his travels have taken him to many a Holding, minor and major alike, as well as the Weyr. He very easily becomes attached to people, but he has always had trouble understanding the need for exclusivity. Brennault wants to see the whole world, and if he could manage it, he would run clear across the South to do it.

History of Persona:
Brennault was born to a family of runners. His father was a runner, and his father before him, and back and back as far as anyone could remember. They owned and operated a prosperous waystation close enough to be the final stop before delivering to Dolphin Cove Weyr along the road where it stood. His father had many lovers, and many of them were runners, too. Brennault's mother was one of them, and she lived handfasted with Brennault's father at the waystation for some time. Eventually, they dissolved their union, and she moved on to another station, but she and Brennault's father still maintain a friendly relationship and see each other from time to time.

Brennault was not too young to remember his mother when she left, but he never felt like she was Gone for Good just gone for now. He grew up the son of many mothers, as most of the runner women who stayed with Brennault's father came and went and helped to care for and raise the sons and daughters of the station where they slept. Brennault saw many a brother and sister set out to make their own way on the road, knowing that he would see them again some day.

Brennault's parents set his expectations for relationships, and he has had many lovers at many Holds. His father taught him the valor of discretion and of precaution when it came to the possibility of children. However, it was a relationship turned sour that taught him the value of communication. Brennault never realized that Dreienna thought he was in love with only her until she accused him of cheating and sicced her enormous older brothers on him. He ran fast enough to escape, and he has not returned since.

When the time came for his own wanderlust to push him past the borders he was used to, he set out to stay at Dolphin Cove for a while. It was close enough that he would be home now and again, but far enough away that he would see new stops along the road for a while.


Marvel, Bronze Firelizard: aged 2, hatched m10 d7
Marvel is stocky and bulky with short legs and tail. His wings are short but broad, and he is a bright, coppery bronze color. He is very clever and highly food-motivated. He likes to spend his time sleeping and prefers to keep in close physical contact with Brennault as often as he can. While Marvel will fly along for a while, he prefers the jostle of riding on Brennault's shoulders to flying along beside him.

Approved: December 11th 2017
Last updated: March 15th 2019

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