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Persona Profile: Rethisa

Writer: Heather

Name: Rethisa
Age: 29
Birthday: m8 d4
Rank: Holder's Wife
Location: Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold
Face Claim: Emilia Clark (Daenerys Targaryen)

Crayon Awards: Favorite Characters We Miss (July 2016)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (September 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
Rethisa is tall like her brother Zathris, which her father always told her made her seem too much like a man. Thus Rethisa often finds herself wearing flat shoes to try to appear shorter than her 5'8" height. Her body is athletic and toned, with just enough swell of the bust to indicate her femininity.

Rethisa has the same strong facial structure as Zathris, right down to the strong chin and jawline. Her eyes are a brilliant green, and according to her father, her only redeeming feature. Unlike her brothers, who both had brown hair, Rethisa took after her mother with her white-blonde hair.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Rethisa is a strong, independent woman who has learned how to play by man's rules in a male dominated society. She has a tenacious sense of humor, and a quick intellect that she keeps well contained behind a well-practiced facade. Her temper is short, but she has had Turns of practice in biting her tongue.

History of Persona:
Rethisa was just one of many children born to Lord Ethris and Lady Rediza. Of course her father would later go on to two more wives and Rethisa would gain many half-siblings over the course of her life. To her father Rethisa was never anything but a pawn in a vicious game. The man's only goal in life is to make his Hold as prosperous as possible, even at the expense of his own children.

The only saving grace in Rethisa's life was her brother Zathris, the sibling to which she was the closest. Zathris never forced society's expectations on her but allowed her to run by his side, climb trees, play in the sand and swim in the ocean. He was even the one who taught her how to ride a runner. When she was thirteen Ethris put a stop to his daughter's "deplorable" behavior, and she was forced to begin entertaining possible suitors. Most of the men were vile, and all of them much older than she.

At sixteen Rethisa was married off to a cotholder named Verlow. He was fifty, and a widower, and needed a woman to help tend to the six children his first wife had left behind. There was nothing nice about Verlow, and Rethisa soon learned the truth of being a woman in a man's world. The first time she ran home to her father for protection from her abusive husband she was immediately sent back.

After eight Turns of marriage, Rethisa's infertility has became a sore spot for Verlow, and after she was seen taking comfort in the arms of another man, she was formally disgraced, disowned, and sent packing.

For days she wandered, trying to walk to the nearest holding since Verlow didn't allow her any form of transportation away from his home. It was luck that she was found by a dragonrider and taken to Amber Hills Hold where she was cared for by her brother Zathris and his wife Benani.

It took a couple of sevendays for the bruises to fade from Rethisa's body, but she slowly began to become accustomed to living free of Verlow's heavy hand. It wasn't long before she met Demir, the Holder of Hidden Meadows. She found him curiously nice, apart from being handsome. Still leery of men after living through her marriage with Verlow, Rethisa never planned on deepening her friendship with Demir... until she found out she was pregnant.

Although she had escaped Verlow, the one night of solace she had taken with Pevran had left her carrying a child. If she carried the child to term at Amber Hills there would be no avoiding the scorn of being a woman pregnant out of wedlock. Rethisa didn't care about what people thought of her, but she knew how illegitimate children were often treated by others and it was not a future she wanted for her child.

So Rethisa did the unthinkable, she accepted Demir's offer of courtship and hid her pregnancy from him. When he asked her to marry him she agreed, knowing that once they were married the child would officially have a "father." On their wedding night Demir found out that he had been duped by Rethisa, and Rethisa knew that she had stunted whatever sort of feelings Demir had developed for her.

Over the course of her pregnancy Demir and Rethisa gradually tried to get to know one another, but it was not until the child was born that Demir fell in love completely with the child, and gave her part of his name so that no one would question the parentage- Mirresa.

Family and Friends
Zathris, 33, Lord Holder, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Demir, 41, Minor Holder, Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold (Husband)
Verlow, 62, Cotholder (Ex Husband)
Pevran, 41, Beastcrafter (Former Lover)
Mirresa, 3, Holdbrat (Daughter)

Approved: August 4th 2014
Last updated: March 13th 2019

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