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Persona Profile: Rorela

Writer: Miriah

Name: Rorela
Age: 38
Birthday: m1 d4
Rank: Wingthird, Azure Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
The first thing noticable about Rorela is that she's tiny. Barely scraping 5 feet tall, she's used to people looking down at the top of her head. She's also slender, but years of riding have given her the muscle and tone needed to hoist the needed sacks of firestone. Straight ash blonde hair is cut short in the back, but longer in the front; blue eyes are framed by thin but long lashes. Rorela is no great beauty, but she's been called cute, which is fine enough for her.

Rorela was scored badly in a Fall that cost her two dear friends. The scars cover her chest and abdomen, but she's learned to wear them as a badge of honor.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Rorela embodies the phrase "Big things come in small packages." Her personality is explosive; in every thing she does, she does with full passion and intensity. She is impish and playful, and most who only know her fleetingly are not aware that this covers a sharp intelligence and a mind that is always working.

There is also very little filter between her brain and her mouth, which has caused both hilarity and embarassment for those around her. Unfortunately for others, Rorela doesn't embarass easily. This is a woman who could get pantsed in the middle of a wing meeting and either find it hilarious or simply pull up her pants and continue with what she was doing only a moment before.

Rorela loves just as openly and is unapologetic about her many partners.

History of Persona:
Weyr born and bred, Rorela grew up as most weyrbrats did. She knew her parents fleetingly, but spent most of her time causing mischief and mayhem with others of her age. Like many, all she ever dreamed of was Impression, so despite her intelligence and options to craft, as soon as she was allowed, she was on the Sands, awaiting her own dragon.

She did not Impress until she was 14 when green Upinth burst her shell and made a straight line for the smallest girl on the sands. Since that moment, Rorela dove full tilt into riding.

Even the beginning of Threadfall didn't phase Rorela's attitude and despite a few close calls, she never received a serious injury. Her intensity aids her in a Fall, and it was this focus that cause G'nir to promote her to Wingthird.

Family and Friends
Harki, 33, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Best Friend)

Dragon's Name: Upinth
Dragon's Age: 24
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m2 d27
Description of Dragon:
Upinth is a solid grass green with no variation of tone over her body. She is on the large end of the green size spectrum, but her tail is more slender and whip-like than average.

Upinth is a typical green in many respects. When she is not with her rider, she's not the smartest of dragons, but her never ending cheery personality more than makes up for it.


Rip-It, Brown Firelizard: aged 6, hatched m5 d15
Rip-It is a long, lean, mud-colored flit. Named for the way he manages to literally rip into his food, he is usually found on Rorela's shoulder or fishing. He's a serious little fellow, and not prone to his pet's pranks.

Approved: August 18th 2013
Last updated: November 28th 2020

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