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Persona Profile: Porenne

Writer: Suzee

Name: Porenne
Age: 34
Birthday: m9 d13
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Porenne is small in stature but well-proportioned for her height. Her hair is long and wavy blond. Her eyes are a deep jade green. She has a dainty face with large eyes and full lips that are naturally pink. She possesses a beautiful light soprano voice and often rehearses with the Hall choir for special events.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Stable and cautious she is dedicated to her husband and children. She has an internal strength though she doesn't allow this to conflict with her husbandís authority in the home. Perhaps at one time she had dreams of something else but hasn't allowed the disappointment leave her bitter. She adores her children and appreciates all her husband provides. Her person, home and children are always neat and clean.

History of Persona:
Porenne grew up at the hall. Cherished by her mother and largely ignored by her father. That was at least until he was rehearsing and heard her singing harmony with him at a mere seven turns. From then on he took enough interest in her to make sure she was trained as a student to use her voice properly. She enjoys the music and has learned enough to read music in addition to her Harper lessons. She rehearses with the Hall Choir and sings with them frequently.

When the time came for her to marry, her father arranged a good match with the son of one of his friends who had yet to take a wife. While theirs is not a love match Porenne dutifully provided her husband with a son almost immediately. Two healthy daughters followed at proper intervals. Porenne admires her husband and while she hasnít forgotten the romantic notions of the early days of their marriage she realizes his eyes are only on his craft.

Family and Friends
Vestian, 47, Hallmaster, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Husband)
Epsorio, 15, Hallbrat (Son)
Lelldora, 12, Hallbrat (Daughter)
Aponia, 7, Hallbrat (Daughter)
Rennald, 64, Master Singer (Father)
Tiporla, 59, Hall Resident (Mother)


Hunter, Feline: aged 13, born m4 d11
Hunter is a lazy old long-haired tabby with orange eyes. He likes to roam the outdoors but equally loves to sleep on the hearth. Usually underfoot at mealtimes he can be scarce the rest of the day.

Approved: February 9th 2013
Last updated: February 9th 2013

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