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Persona Profile: Vestian

Writer: Miriah


Name: Vestian
Age: 48
Birthday: m6 d16
Rank: Hallmaster
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Artist - Portraits & Murals

Physical Description of Persona:
Vestian stands tall at nearly six feet, with broad shoulders and long limbs. His hair is a nutty brown now, but was much lighter in his youth. His eyes are brown as well. The Harper's features are strong with a high forehead gently slopping to straight brows, high cheekbones, a strong jaw and well defined chin. His nose is high, straight, and with a slight curve at the tip. His lips are thin and straight, but one corner is often pulled up into a lopsided smile. He has recently cultivated a carefully trimmed goatee.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Vestian is proud and passionate about his art. That is his life. He is friendly and amiable to the people he meets. When he works, his mood swings from fiery passion to brooding thoughtfulness. His family probably would not describe him as a particularly warm man, but that is mostly because he is completely confused by them. They seem to not have much admiration or respect for him, which is something he had grown accustomed to from the outside world. While he has many friends, and a wife who takes care of him, he feels very few people truly can understand him, which is both frustrating and lonely at times.

History of Persona:
Vestian was born in the Harper Hall to a Master Teacher and his wife. He grew up surrounded by music, art, and three brothers and two sisters. The home was often in a state of chaos, with children running here and there, yelling and screaming. But Vestian, the middle child, was usually nowhere to be seen. He was mostly often hiding from all the confusion in a corner of his room, or sitting on the outside stairs, bent over a piece of paper with a pencil in his hand drawing.

His father recognized his son's love and innate skill for art, and even before graduating Harper classes, he had arranged a tutor to help refine his art. By the time he was allowed to apprentice, he already had a fine eye for detail and skill with a a colored pencil or charcoal, which only improved as he matured and his dexterity increased. He was by no means a prodigy, he had to work hard to master every technique, but he did so with a love and attention that it was inevitable that he would stand above the others in his classes.

The day a brush and canvas were put in front of him changed his life. Now suddenly he could create vibrant colors that could imitate life so closely, he felt like a creator of his own world. And yet, that world was a copy of the one around him.

After journeying for a short time, he came back to the Hall to teach, but more importantly, to move towards getting his Master's knots. That became his new focus, taking any commission that came along in the process to both hone his skills, and also to make a name for himself.

It was at the beginning of that time that his father took it upon himself to find his son a wife, knowing Vestian would never get around to doing so on his own because of his singular focus on his studies. His father chose the daughter of a good friend, Porenne. The two barely had time to get to know each other before they were wed, with their first child coming within the first Turn of their marriage.

The next few turns were spent taking commissions and on several master projects necessary for getting his knots. As his family grew with the addition of two more children, Vestian was often absent, either working in his studio or away from the Hall. While he was making a more than comfortable living for his family, he barely knew them at all, and finds life at home noisy, chaotic, stressful and confusing.

Having achieved his goal of recognition for his work and his Master's knots, Vestin suddenly has found himself with a family he doesn't know, and nothing particular to strive for. The question that comes most often into his thoughts is - "What do I do now?"

Family and Friends
Porenne, 35, Hall Resident, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Wife)
Epsorio, 16, Hallbrat (Son)
Lelldora, 13, Hallbrat (Daughter)
Aponia, 8, Hallbrat (Daughter)
Havess, 84, Master Teacher (Father)
Attia, 77, Hall Resident (Mother)

Approved: February 9th 2013
Last updated: March 12th 2024

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