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Persona Profile: Kaiafel

Writer: Eimi

Name: Kaiafel
Age: 14
Birthday: m2 d17
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Kaiafel is average height for his age. Only time will tell if he will ever reach close to his father's height. He does, however, have his father's curly black hair and furrowed brow. While he will wear a charming grin, it is more shaped like his mother's than his infamous Da's. He has his mother's high bridge nose and rounder face as well.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Precocious and a bit of a trouble maker, Kaiafel is really a typical weyrbrat his age. His head is full of dragons and bubblies. He is intensely proud of his father, and shows a very soft side towards little children. His father has instilled in him respect for his elders and the importance of politeness. He usually remembers without being reminded. Kaiafel has learned how to use charm to get his way in certain situations, and will lay it on thick if he feels he's getting somewhere. Over all, people describe him as a pretty good kid.

History of Persona:
Felke found herself pregnant after a one night lapse in judgement that ended her relationship with J'klin, the man she had followed to the Weyr to be with. Despite U'kaiah's offer to take her between and thus hide their indiscretion, her Hold upbringing would not allow her to entertain the thought, and so she accepted the consequences of her actions and kept the child.

Because of the painful circumstances surrounding his birth, U'kaiah kept his distance from mother and child until he was about five turns old. Even U'kaiah cannot say whether it was guilt or curiosity that eventually lead him to take an interest in the child, but at the age of five, the bronzerider was back in his life and Kaiafel couldn't be happier.

Kaiafel has a few more Turns left in Harper Classes before he too can take his turn on the Sands. In the mean time, he is adjusting to a new role - big brother.

Family and Friends
U'kaiah, 36, Weyrleader, NPC Weyr (Father)
Felke, 33, Weyr Resident (Mother)


Kal, Canine: aged 8, born m13 d7
Kal is a very loyal companion and a sweet disposition. Running and swimming on the beach with his friend are his favorite past times, and he is well behaved, though he has to be reminded to calm down every once in a while, much like Kaiafel! He is black with white and brown patches, especially on the chest and muzzle, and comes up to Kaiafel's mid-thigh.

Approved: October 9th 2011
Last updated: June 16th 2017

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