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Persona Profile: Lisadi

Writer: Ames

Name: Lisadi
Age: 35
Birthday: m3 d17
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Foster Mother

Physical Description of Persona:
Standing about 5’5” in height, Lisadi has an average body shape and appearance. She is what most would call ordinary, nothing extraordinary in appearance. With an oval-shaped face, and with eyes and a mouth that sometimes seem a bit large for her face, Lisadi is plain and unassuming. Her figure is that of a normal woman, not overly sensual or curvaceous, but just average.

Her hair is a light sandy-brown which she wears long enough to tie up or leave loose. When loose, her hair has a bit of wave to it that causes it to do what it wills, no matter what Lisadi tries. Her eyes are brown with green flecks throughout. At times they even seem more green than brown if she is happy.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Lisadi is a friendly, caring, compassionate woman. She has spent most of her life learning to put others before her, yet she still knows how to balance time for herself as well. She is not overly concerned with appearance or impressing others. She goes about her tasks knowing that each soul on Pern is valued for their contribution, nothing more, nothing less.

Lisadi knows when the time calls for a firm, directed hand, or a compassionate, caring embrace, and she is not afraid to use either. She knows herself and is truly happy with who she is, no matter what others may say or do, Lisadi is a woman with a strong yet gentle spirit.

History of Persona:
Lisadi was born to a family of young cotholders who were just starting out. Her father had been an apprentice farmcrafter before meeting her mother. Instead of pursuing that craft to its end, the pair chose to settle their own small hold, where they would raise basic livestock and crops to feed their family and use for trade.

After Lisadi was born, Tornin and Gilga had three other children in over the turns. However, after Keltran was born, Gilga suffered some complications. Though she survived, she was weak and unable to handle all the tasks of running the home. At the age of nine, Lisadi stepped up to help her mother with her younger siblings and help with the managing of the home. Though her mother’s health improved over the next few turns, she never fully recovered. Lisadi took on more and more responsibility as she aged. When Gilga became pregnant again with V’ter, everyone was concerned. Both mother and child survived, but Gilga had grown weaker from the effort.

The following year, when Lisadi turned 12 turns, her mother took a turn for the worse and passed on from her weaknesses during the winter season. It was a truly crushing blow for the family, and though it hurt them all, Lisadi did her best to pick up the pieces of her family and move them forward. She grieved in her own way by working harder to run the home that her parents had built. Her father, however, was so grief-stricken that he could not manage any longer. Leaving the cothold in the capable hands of one who had shown his worth, her father packed up the young family and headed to Sapphire Meadows Hold.

Once there, he trained under the Farmcrafters once more, devoting himself to his work in order to try and ease the pain of losing the love of his life. Now, Lisadi, still managing her small family for her father, also helped him with his own studies and was his main supporter. As a young girl, she had assumed the role her mother had once filled. Lisadi stayed with her father to care for her siblings instead of trying to pursue a marriage of her own. She knew that her father needed her and that was all that mattered.

However, at the age of 18, she was courted by young cotholder, Burned. By the age of 19, she was wed to him and moved from her family home to the small hold he had started. Burned was good to her, and though he may not have been overly affectionate, he loved her and she in turn grew to love him. The pair tried to have children, but unknown to them, Burned was unable to do so. Feeling perhaps it was her fault, Lisadi felt at a loss for some time. But, instead of wallowing in self-pity, she did the next best thing, she started fostering other people’s children and raising them just as she had her siblings. She longed for the day she would carry her own child, but luck was not on their side.

After far too few turns of marriage, Burned was injured in an accident on the fields. Lisadi spent day and night trying to nurse him back to health, at the expense of her own health. Sadly, he did not survive. Following his passing, Lisadi sank into a depression of her own, brought on both by her sorrow and by the lack of care she’d given her own health. While the cot changed hands, Lisadi was never turned away.

When she recovered from her losses, Lisadi tried hard to re-integrate herself into her previous life, but the memories were too hard. She had loved Burned for what he had given her and the life they had shared. Everywhere she looked around the small cothold reminded her of him. She grieved for him for over a Turn before she began contemplating starting her life anew.

With a new resolved to make a new life for herself, Lisadi moved from the cothold, seeking out a new home. She found it in Emerald Falls Hold. Working as a Fosterer and crèche mother as well as assisting with the other daily tasks, Lisadi is making a new home for herself. She is quieter now than she had been at one time, for some of the spark seemed to have left her with the death of her husband. Yet, the spark still remains within her, if only someone can find a way to bring it forth once more.

Shortly after arriving at Emerald Falls Hold, Lisadi takes on two young foster children who have lost their families in the fire at Red Rush Hold. During the day, she will foster 4 turn old Dareera, who was injured in the fire. Dareera spends her evenings with her crafter uncle. Trewlin, a 7 turn old boy, lost his entire family in the fire, and will be a permanent fosterling for Lisadi.

Lisadi was engaged to marry Sarban, the Steward at EFH when she was called away to handle an ailing aunt who lived far away. Upon her return to Emerald Falls, she and Sarban found that their lives no longer matched the way they had thought. They ended their engagement.

Since then, Lisadi has focused mainly on raising her two foster children, who have truly become _her_ children. She spends much of her time working in the sewing rooms as a seamstress as well. Life is good. She is happy with her small family. Lisadi embraces each day as it comes and no longer worries about what the future may hold.

Family and Friends
Gilga, 5, Wife of Tornin (Mother, Deceased)
Tornin, 54, Journeyman Farmer (Father)
Franket, 31, Cotholder (Brother)
Kelren, 26, Staff at Sapphire Meadows Hold (Sister)
V'ter, 24, Rider of Blue Gorath (Brother)
Burned, 5, Deceased Cotholder (Former Husband)
Dareera, 9, Child (Foster Child)
Trewlin, 13, Child (Foster Child)

Approved: July 14th 2010
Last updated: January 24th 2019

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