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Persona Profile: Merlish

Writer: Eimi

Name: Merlish
Age: 27
Birthday: m5 d1
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Merlish always knew she was not pretty. She was taller than the average girl, and slightly rounder. Everything about her was round - her brown eyes, her face, her hips, chest and even a slight bulge at her stomach, though barely noticeable. Her nose also was round, and stick out a little further from her face than she would have liked. The one feature she took pride in was her long, perfectly straight hair. It looked brown in dimly lit rooms and hallways, but when seen in sunlight, it could almost be called auburn.

Emotional Description of Persona:
She takes great pride in being a traditional Southern girl. Her place is to be wed, to take care of her husband, to support him in all his endeavors, to produce children for him and raise them. That is her only ambition. She wants to be sheltered and protected from the world, as she has always been all her life. Up until now, she has been a most sensible girl, shying away from extravagances that her family could not afford. When she marries Eilomar, however, she can't help but be a little excited by the fact that she could buy those things... if she wanted to.

Fiercely loyal to those she loves, though a timid person usually, all fear is set aside when she feels one she loves is threatened or being ill-treated. She also would sacrifice a great deal at her own expense to make them happy.

Merlish is usually a very positive person. She approaches life with the idea that happiness is completely up to the individual. Her future husband, for example, is not the handsomest, youngest, or even most desirable man. But he can make her comfortable, and that is what she wants more than anything. So why not accept the bad as well as the good and be happy in the situation?

History of Persona:
Merlish was raised with her brothers, Mylis, Listel, Lettan, Telwud, and Tanian, in a small Hold between Emerald Falls and Sapphire Meadow. Her father, Mytan, has always seemed to just barely scrape by. Though not destitute by any calculation, they are a family of limited means.

Her father found himself in some financial trouble when she was twenty-one turns old, leading her great-uncle Tantral to suggest that it was time to marry her off. She was, after all, a financial burden on the family, and was already a little old to be considered of great value. Tantral did, however, think that he could convince Master Eilomar, the Harper Hall Choir Master, to not only consider marrying her, but to pay a handsome bride price for her as well!

After spending a few sevendays at the Harper Hall with her uncle, Merlish had successfully caught Eilomar's attention, and not only asked her to marry him, but gave her family a generous offer for her hand. Though he was not the sort of man she would have chosen for herself, being old and obese, she knew that by marrying him she would secure a bright future for herself and help her family in their time of need.

The wedding will take place at the turns end, and she need now only prepare herself for the day she will be Master Eilomar's wife...

Family and Friends
Eilomar, 73, Master Harper, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Husband)
Mytan, 52, Holder (Father)
Tellis, 46, Holder's Wife (Mother)
Tantral, 101, Master Harper (Great-uncle)

Approved: May 4th 2010
Last updated: January 20th 2019

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