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Persona Profile: Eilomar

Writer: Paula

Name: Eilomar
Age: 73
Birthday: m5 d1
Rank: Master Harper
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Vocal Music
Face Claim: Jaakko Ryhänen

Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (August 2006)

Physical Description of Persona:
Eilomar is large man, not exactly tall one (he's of average height), but massive, with weight nearing or over 300 pounds. He has wide chest and even wider girdle. He has thinning, blond hair, bluish grey eyes and big nose. In his youth, he was handsome man, but he's since then gained more weight and his face turned more round, with double chins. He moves slowly and sometimes his joint's ache. His bass voice is still a fine one, even if it lacks the strength and stamina of his youth. His overweight is causing him all kind of health problems.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Eilomar is self-centered, bad-tempered, grumpy and chronic complainer. He's been passed over in promotions several times, which has also made him bitter.
He is dense (or just plain stupid), set in his ways and diplomacy is alien skill to him. His only remarkable talent is his singing voice. His only passion is his craft. He's oblivious to the needs of people around him and doesn't notice what's happening under his nose (unless it upsets his life). Move to the weyr has been very difficult for him. Used to the calm and orderly life in the hall, the weyr is just an impossible place for him. The fact he has two dragonriders in his family tends to slip from his mind, especially since M'eil and he were never close. His new marriage has seemed to mellow him, a bit. He does love her in his own way.

History of Persona:
Born to a large harper family, Eilomar was the cherished first-born. His both parents were harpers. His singing talents were discovered and encouraged from early age. He was the star of the family, until his little brother Mareil started showing even more talent than him. The Plague killed Eilomar's parents and family, leaving just him and two of his younger siblings, Mareil and Maerly. Mareil ran off with a greenrider who frequently visited the hall and somehow ended up impressing blue Eskilth. Maerly got along with Eilomar better, she soon learned to manipulate him by boosting his ego.
As a young journeyman, Eilomar was a handsome figure with his blue-grey eyes and blond hair. He was more muscular than fat back then. He had his share of gather-adventures and romances with the ladies of various holds. (He even might have sired few children.)

He eventually returned to the hall to teach, and it dawned to Eilomar that in his new status as a master singer, people expected him to settle down and have family. He married Ailewyn, a daughter of his friend (who was also a harper). There never was any love involved in that marriage and Eilomar treated his wife like she was a drudge. Unloved and lonely, Ailewyn had a love-affair with journeyman harper Yanrik, which led to the
birth of Aileyan. Eilomar never had any clue about his wife's adultery. He pretty much
ignored his daughters. He was disappointed that Ailewyn couldn't give him a son. Her both pregnancies were difficult ones.

Eilomar life had settled to a comfortable and orderly track. He taught apprentices and led the choir, and aimed for hallmastery or at least hallsecond. His eldest daughter married a holder in Amethyst Cliff area and younger one was searched and impressed. The rift between two brothers was somewhat patched up when Ailewyn (after long study of family history) invited M'eil to Eilowyn's wedding.

The Harper hall's fire and the move to Dolphin Cove weyr that followed from it, really upsetted Eilomar. Adjusting was never easy for him. His wife was acting strange too, flirting with dragonrider's and ignoring his needs. Eventually, Eilomar caught her having sex with a dragonrider and they divorced (after Eilomar had recovered from the heart attack the discovery caused). After some time, Eilomar re-married with Merlish. To his great surprise, he's grown very fond of his new wife. She's sweet natured and good home maker. The only concern is that she wants to have children, and Eilomar is not so sure he's able. When the Hall moved back to Emerald Falls hold, Eilomar was happy to return home. He and Merlish had been married for a Turn now.

Family and Friends
Aileyan, 25, Wingrider, Sienna Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (step-daughter)
Merlish, 27, Hall Resident, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (wife)
Ailewyn, 50, Hall resident (wife)
Eilowyn, 28, Hold resident (daughter)

Approved: June 15th 2006
Last updated: June 16th 2019

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