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Persona Profile: Erassa

Writer: Eimi

Name: Erassa
Age: 26
Birthday: m5 d12
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Foster Mother

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Female Persona (February 2009)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (November 2006)

Physical Description of Persona:
Straight blonde hair crowns Erassa's head, and sky blue eyes peak out from her pale, fine-boned face. Freckles dust her nose, and in the summer her cheeks and arms as well. She is rather small, and once her appearance could have been almost mistaken as child-like, but the birth of her child helped to fill her out, though she has lost the bulk of the weight gained from her pregnancy.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Erassa had always been known for her sweet, but rebellious and free-spirited nature. She could be stubborn, proud, and willful, giving her parents their share of greyhairs even before she was a grown woman of marriageable age. Even so, she had
a gentle, utterly romantic side to her that daydreamed of being swept off her feet and finding true love. She has come back to the Hold of her birth with her illegitimate child a changed woman. It is the changes in her that hurt her loved ones far more than the shame that now stains her reputation.

History of Persona:
Erassa had always been the kind of child that one could never stay angry at for long, despite the mischief she caused, and a notorious stubborn streak. The young girl had only to smile, to tease, to show her affectionate playful side and it seemed all could be forgotten, though her parents wondered just who in their conservative Hold would take her on as a wife. She refused to have any marriage arranged for her, and her parents knew better than to try.

However, their hopes for their daughter making a suitable match seemed lost when their wildchild fell madly in love with a brownrider returned to the Hold of his birth for Turn's End. She would often disappear, and rumors abounded that a brown dragon had been seen in the skies. Under the influence of romantic intoxication, Erassa hatched a plan for her to be with him forever, and one night, despite her best friends desperate pleas for her to think about what she was doing, she ran away with her handsome lover to the Weyr.

There she learned that what she thought would be a dream come true reeked of reality. Though she lived in the weyr of her lover, he was far from faithful to her. He made no apologies and made no attempts at hiding the fact that he enjoyed the company of several other young ladies. Though she did make friends at the Weyr, her lover's insensitivity cut her deeply. When she learned she was pregnant, she hoped his Hold-bread morales would once again surface and he would become the loving family man she had always dreamed he would be. Though he supported her choice in keeping her child, it was obvious that settling down was the last thing on his mind.

After their son was born, Erassa made the painful choice to leave the Weyr with her child, swallow her pride, and return home to her family. The young rebellious girl returned much more subdued and serious young woman. With what is left of her stubborn pride, she is determined to make a life for herself and her child at conservative Emerald Falls.

Family and Friends
B'lion, 30, Brownrider (Ex-lover)
Beleran, 8, Hold Brat (Son)
Uleres, 51, Gardener (Father)
Assalia, 47, Hold Resident (Mother)


Shimmer, Gold Firelizard: aged 2, hatched m11 d16
Shimmer is sweet, loving, and fearless as a Hatchling but it remains to be seen what temperament she will grow into. Her hide is reminiscent of mature wheat in the sunshine.

Approved: July 8th 2006
Last updated: June 12th 2019

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