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Persona Profile: A'chas

Writer: AmajoS

Name: A'chas
Age: 55
Birthday: m3 d10
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Woodsmith
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Carver
Face Claim: Kevin McKidd

Physical Description of Persona:
A'chas is tall and fit, with well defined muscles. He has dark auburn hair and grey-green eyes. He also has a small scar on the bottom of his chin, the result of a bout of rough-housing between him and his brother. There are a great many little crinkly laugh lines in the corners of his eyes that give him a pleasant look. He isn't very handsome, but his confidence and personality make him seem so.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A'chas is an intense individual who sometimes seems overbearing. However, he is not unpleasant. Actually he is very friendly once you get to know him. He simply feels things very strongly and often acts on those emotions, unless he is fighting Thread. When in the sky he is cool headed and focused. He is very serious when it comes to his duties.

History of Persona:
A'chas was born in Dragonsfall when it was still Dragonsfall Weyrhold. His parents were not riders, however. His mother had been a worker in the kitchens and his father, a Woodcrafter. A'chas showed an early interest in his father's craft and was sent to apprentice at the craft hall as soon as he was old enough.

A few turns later, A'chas was Searched during a visit home to see his family. He stood on the Sands and Impressed brown Noreth on his first try. After his weyrling training had progressed, A'chas's father took up his Woodcrafter training. A'chas decided to focus his learning on the art of carving and his skill developed quite admirably.

A'chas's life changed in a way nearly as fundemental as the day he Impressed his dragon when Jadeah's young gold Cusyanth rose to fly for the first time. Noreth, unusually large for a brown, had suprised everyone, including A'chas, though he wasn't really aware of it at the time, by catching her. A'chas fell in love with Jadeah that day, even though he was nearly nine turns older than her and had never really noticed her before that moment. Jadeah hadn't believed him when he told her how he felt, so he didn't mention it again. The feeling didn't diminish, however much he wanted it to.

When Cusyanth became the Senior Queen, A'chas knew it was hopeless. He decided to try to move on. He weyrmated with a young fostermother. He cared about her very much, though he couldn't in honesty say he loved her. They had two children together, both boys. Then she died in childbirth with the third, a little girl.

A'chas was forced to foster his sons as well as the child his weyrmate had been fostering herself out when Thread began falling from the skies. He couldn't stand the thought of them being left with no one if something should happen to him, and he also couldn't stand the idea of weyrmating with another woman he wouldn't be able to love.

When the love of his life, Jadeah, had the stroke that retired her from the role of Weyrwoman, A'chas became determined to help the woman he loved. He stayed by her side as much as possible and eventually the friendship they had developed into more. To his ever-lasting joy, he and Jadeah were eventually weyrmated.

However, Jadeah's condition continued to worsen and it became obvious that she was not doing well at Dragonsfall Weyr. The healers decided the best thing for her was to move to a warmer climate where the chill of winters wouldn't aggrivate her already delicate health. She insisted that A'chas, who had been showing the stress of trying to care for his sick weyrmate and handle the rigours of Thread, stay behind.

When she passed away early in the 11th month of the 7th turn, he never forgave himself for listening.

Family and Friends
Chassin, 75, Woodcrafter (Father)
Allaynia, 73, Kitchen Worker (Mother)
Albar, 21, Candidate (Son)
Arlas, 18, Candidate (son)
Keelie, 19, Candidate (foster daughter)

Dragon's Name: Noreth
Dragon's Age: 41
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Noreth is extremely large for a brown, measuring just a couple of inches short of thrirty-five feet. He is a deep chocolate brown, with no color variations. He does have several tan colored scars on his tail and back hip on the left side. Reminders of the first time Noreth and A'chas flew Thread. Noreth is much friendlier and easier going than his rider, though when the time comes for it, he can be just as serious and focused.

Approved: October 18th 2007
Last updated: March 16th 2019

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