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Persona Profile: I'lon

Writer: Halyonix

Name: I'lon
Pronunciation: Ee-LON
Age: 32
Birthday: m9 d22
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
The characteristic of I’lon that most people immediately notice are his striking eyes -- ringed with blue on the outside, lightening to gold near the pupil. His tawny brown hair, highlighted from Turns in the sun, comes second. The broad set of his shoulders highlights the trimness of his waist, making his 5’9 height seem taller. I’lon’s voice is soft spoken, rarely raised, in a light tenor range. He wears a silver bangle cuff on his left wrist.

Emotional Description of Persona:
As a child, I’lon learned to be seen, not heard. This observant nature kept him from being the victim of his father’s wrath, when possible, but also led to a hypervigilance as he was bullied. To this day, I’lon is keen to pick up on conflict and maintains a strict sobriety. He doesn’t like loud noises, so large gatherings tend to be out of the question for him. He is efficient, clean, and detail-oriented. While quiet and enigmatic at first, I’lon eventually opens up into a thoughtful, empathetic man who knows the weight of his words. He may seem boring on the surface but his close friends know he is just as passionate about his hobbies and ideals as anyone else -- he just tends to be less boisterous about it. When pressed to reveal what he does for fun, a book on the beach or continuing his skills with a small pipe tend to be his go-to answers.

History of Persona:
I’lon had a childhood of trying to fit in.

Born the third child of five, he was never old enough to play with his two brothers but he was too old to play with his sisters. Constantly between trying to be part of the cool kids or blazing his own path, Ialon ended up becoming something of a particular, mercurial child, an aggravation that his family endured well into his teenage Turns. From Ialon’s point of view, there were a few things that contributed to the man he became.

One was that he watched how his mother constantly fought with her brother over funds and alcohol, which always became a fight between his mother and father about his uncle. Seeing the prolonged conflict between them and how its effects rippled into his own family unit, Ialon made an early promise never to drink alcohol.

Two was that he was always picked out by the other Holdbrats as being vulnerable, since his brothers were often elsewhere and his sisters were too small to help. This bullying led Ialon to not only be constantly aware of what others were doing around him, but also developed the mind that remembered details easily. Since he had no one to turn to but himself, he became the sharp protection that he needed.

But despite these events in his childhood, I’lon has always maintained that he didn’t have it _bad_, just difficult. When he had finally reached an age where he could apprentice, he chose Smithcraft. But his hopes of the craft turning him into a burly, unassailable teenager were short lived, since Searchdragons found him at the age of fourteen.

Life at the Weyr was markedly different from that of the Hold and Ialon initially struggled to find footing with the different rules and hierarchies. While he didn’t Impress at his first or second or even third Hatching, he came to feel something that he hadn’t felt ever at the Hold: a certain confidence in himself. He understood how his detail-oriented mind could be used for recordkeeping and problem-solving. He didn’t have to be Ialon, son of someone else. He realized that he was attracted to men.

So when Napeth finally cracked his shell, it was to find an eighteen-Turn old I’lon ready for the blue dragon and all that came with that color. Weyrlinghood passed markedly uneventful for them. I’lon finally felt like many pieces he had been trying to gather in his childhood were now fitting into place and had an epiphany some Turns after the pair had graduated that I’lon no longer had to return to that life before, that he had finally found a place where he truly belonged.

Dragon's Name: Napeth
Dragon's Age: 14
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Napeth is a gorgeous ultramarine blue. He is on the smaller side for a blue dragon, quite sleek in his build. The only marring to his vivid hue is on his left hindleg, where silvery strands of Threadscarring can be seen.

Like his rider, Napeth seems aware of the emotions of others. He is often the calming force in a gathering of dragons, reliable like a river. He enjoys chatting with weyrling dragons most of all.

Approved: February 17th 2023
Last updated: February 13th 2023

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