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Persona Profile: Oriene

Writer: Halyonix

Name: Oriene
Pronunciation: Or-ree-en
Age: 17
Birthday: m6 d25
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: McKenna Grace

Physical Description of Persona:
Sun streaked dirty blonde hair flies like an unruly mane around Oriene. With her dark hazel eyes, tanned skin, and lithe 5’6 build, she is somewhere between a graceful woman and a gangly teenager. Her voice is a high alto. Her attire tends to be blues and greens. Layer leather bracelets with various beads and charms adorn her left wrist.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Energetic is a good word for Oriene. She tends to live herself out in the open, always doing -something- or with someone, but not at the frenetic pace that some teenagers exhibit. She may know the name of everyone in the Weyr or Hall but she’s usually found with only a few select. Definitely detail-oriented, definitely. She’s fairly even-keeled and responsible too. She has a harper’s memory for sounds, conversations, and auditory cues.

Even though Oriene will say that she has her life plotted, there’s a deep sense of doubt about her future. Does she want to be a dolphineer or is she doing it just because others expect her? She can fall prey to the expectations of others and she knows it but she’s still too young to have the confidence in herself that others think she has. She will also freeze when she thinks her words or actions will rock the boat, and get her or someone else in trouble. And then beat herself up for not doing something.

History of Persona:
Oriene was born at a dolphin Hall in the North. Her parents moved their family down to Dolphin Cove territory when Oriene was four so she doesn’t remember much about being up north. Her childhood was spent seaside, either playing with the dolphins or watching her siblings. Her parents did their best to keep Oriene educated beyond just the basics most Hold children learn, knowing that her options in career might be limited outside of dolphincraft but not wanting her to be lacking intellectually.

It was expected that Oriene apprentice as a dolphineer, given how much time she spent with them and her parents’ careers, but Searchriders put that on hold when she was fifteen. Dolphins were great but the possibility of Impressing a dragon was impossible to pass up. So Oriene went to Dolphin Cove Weyr.

Family and Friends
Odarel, 42, Journeyman dolphineer (father)
Rialna, 38, Journeywoman dolphineer (mother)
Riodel, 15, Hallbrat (brother)
Odria, 11, Hallbrat (sister)

Approved: January 15th 2023
Last updated: October 24th 2022

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