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Persona Profile: K'rel

Writer: Curious

Name: K'rel
Pronunciation: Kuh - rell
Age: 32
Birthday: m11 d28
Rank: Wingleader, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice
Face Claim: Rahul Kohli

Physical Description of Persona:
K’rel is a man of average height with a slightly muscular but otherwise unassuming build. His light brown skin is unmarred save for a long, thin threadscore over his left shoulder. He has an expressive face, short, curly black hair, warm brown eyes, and a beard and mustache that he keeps neatly trimmed. While not the fanciest of dressers, he does prefer to keep his clothing neat and at least vaguely fashionable.

Emotional Description of Persona:
K’rel is a bronzerider with the disposition of a brown. He is a good listener, a rational thinker, and a calm, detailed speaker. There is a sense of anger lingering beneath his surface, but although it is powerful when it does emerge, it is rarely ever seen. He is not a man who is forthright or obvious about the things he cares about. However, he never lets himself forget them either, pursuing his passions and subjects of adoration with an understated dedication.

History of Persona:
Kalarel was born to a harper and her smith husband in Fort Hold. He showed an interest in being a harper, specifically songwriting, from a young age and apprenticed to his mother when he was old enough. The next several turns were spent dedicated to his craft. However, at seventeen turns old, he was caught off-guard by a searchrider telling him that he had the potential to impress. At his parent’s urging, he accepted search and moved to Fort Weyr.

He impressed bronze Zolinth and became K’rel about a turn later. Weyrlinghood went well, although he caught a piece of thread to his shoulder during his first threadfall. That injury is what made him meet a healer by the name of Kyari. The two clicked immediately and soon began seeing each other. Two turns later, they were weyrmates. One turn later, Kyari impressed green Symaith. Two turns after that, K’rel was promoted to Wingsecond.

Everything went well up until it didn’t. Whereas K’rel performed well and started to hear whispers of an eventual promotion to Wingleader, Kyari lost her leg in a particularly rough fall. K’rel swore to stand by her through it, and truly did try his best. However, Kyari had always been a proud, ambitious individual and did not take the loss of a limb well. Disagreements started, which turned into arguments. Before the turn was out, the relationship had turned toxic.

Kyari was the one to pull the plug. She told K’rel that she was leaving him and transferred to another Weyr. K’rel initially planned on staying at Fort, but found that the memories were too much, and the prospect of becoming a Wingleader no longer held the shine that it once did. _Nothing_ felt quite the way it did before. Seeking to leave his past behind and get a fresh start, he abandoned his rank and transferred to Dragonsfall Weyr.

Family and Friends
Rera, 60, Master Harper (Mother)
Kallahn, 63, Journeyman Smith (Father)
Ralna, 28, Greenrider (Sister)
Havan, 26, Journeyman Harper (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Zolinth
Dragon's Age: 14
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Zolinth is a long and lanky dragon with a bright caramel-bronze hide. He is warm, cheerful, outgoing, playful, and more than a little silly. However, he is capable of buckling down and getting serious when the situation calls for it.

Approved: April 4th 2022
Last updated: April 12th 2024

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