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Persona Profile: Jorghan

Writer: Estelle

Name: Jorghan
Age: 48
Birthday: m12 d22
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Job: Guard

Physical Description of Persona:
Jorghan is a tall, spare but strongly built man. His eyes are dark brown and deep-set, with fine lines at the corners. Dark hair is cropped close, exposing an angular, unsmiling face and firm, square jaw. He prefers plain garb to a guard's uniform, unless it's required by his duty.

As a guard, he exercises and trains regularly with weapons, refusing to take advantage of his seniority or increasing Turns to slow down. His skill owes as much to sheer gritty determination and long experience as natural aptitude. An old scar on his right side was earned from a bandit's knife ten Turns before, and one shoulder aches sometimes from a fall when breaking up a fight in a tavern, but he's escaped more serious injuries.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jorghan has a reputation for being serious, unbending and even humorless. His manner is firm, disciplined and composed when dealing with holders as part of his job. He has a strong interest in the ways other people behave and is a careful observer of character.

Jorghan's guiding star is justice, and his patience, determination and stubborn will to see the law upheld have helped him to track down thieves and wrongdoers where other men might have given up. This attitude hasn't always won him friends, since he doesn't care who might find his persistence inconvenient, but he does have the grudging respect of fellow guards and criminals alike.

History of Persona:
Jorghan was born in a cothold in Garnet Valley's territory. The land was poor and there were few prospects for the younger children, so when he was twelve he headed to the main Hold to find work. After a few Turns he was accepted as a trainee in the guards and worked hard to achieve senior status.

He started to gain a reputation when he heard from a kitchen worker about some unexplained shortages in the Hold's storerooms. Jorghan kept watch and worked out that the culprit was a drudge who'd been selling off items to an unscrupulous trader to fund a gambling habit. After this success, he began to be assigned to more challenging duties, tracking down thieves and bandits, instead of patrols and watches. On one of these expeditions, his closest friend was badly wounded in a struggle with a holdless man and later died from his injuries. Jorghan promised to take care of the man's young daughter, who he had fathered with a woman from a trader family who had left the Hold shortly after the birth.

Jorghan did his best to spend time with his adopted daughter and they were close when she was a young child, but the demands of his work increased as she grew older and his worries for her made him a strict parent. She was often left with a foster mother, and as she grew into a teenager, their relationship suffered. When she was fifteen, a relative offered to foster her at Beryl Peak Hold for a few Turns. The girl was delighted by the idea of living in a new Hold and Jorghan reluctantly agreed to let her go.

When the Lord Warder of Garnet Valley received a request for a guard to look into some mysterious events at a mining hold, where an explosion at the smithy had killed the Hold and the steward had disappeared, Jorghan was chosen to investigate the matter.

Family and Friends
Lisna, 18, Hold Resident (Adopted Daughter)

Approved: March 21st 2022
Last updated: March 19th 2022

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