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Persona Profile: Ay'ell

Writer: Curious

Name: Ay'ell
Pronunciation: A - L
Age: 32
Birthday: m10 d26
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Searchrider

Physical Description of Persona:
Ay'ell is a relatively tall man who straddles the line between muscular and lean. He has a penchant for nice clothes. Nothing too fancy, since he prefers to look largely casual, but nice. The fairness of his skin and an unfortunate tendency to burn has resulted in someone who would be better off with minimal sun exposure. Alas, that is not always possible for a rider. Consequently, he often wears a wide-rimmed hat on sunny days.

His face is a little on the long side. A faint dusting of black stubble clings to his jawline, the same shade of the shaggy black hair on his head. Wide, striking blue eyes complete the picture.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Ay'ell is an outgoing, warm, personable person. He's fun, quick-witted company who knows how to keep the laughter flowing. He also happens to be a greedy individual with the cunning and ruthlessness necessary to do whatever is required to get what he wants. A talented conman, he can lie with ease and knows how to clean paper trails and put people in positions that make it difficult to prove that he's actually guilty of anything. That, however, is information that he prefers to keep between himself, Tseyth, and their customers and victims.

History of Persona:
Ayshell was born at the Harper Hall and spent his childhood as that one child who always had a trick or scheme up their sleeve. He never had much of an interest in the craft though, which posed a bit of a problem, since he very much wanted to be filthy rich one day. When he was searched at fourteen turns old, it seemed like a one-way ticket to riches and glory to his star-struck eyes.

He impressed to blue Tseyth at his first hatching. While impressing at all was honorable, a blue dragon did not riches make. Ay'ell never resented or blamed Tseyth for his color though. He simply… improvised. While they could never be Wingleaders or Weyrleaders - although as he grew older, he quickly realized that dragonriding in general wasn't the glamorous life his younger self had dreamed of, so he wasn't missing much there - blues and their riders _did_ have the opportunity to be searchriders. Tseyth's search sense was a little on the weak side, but… no one necessarily needed to _know_ that.

Ay'ell started accepting bribes from wealthy individuals who wanted to be "searched" when he was eighteen turns old. He was careful about it; Tseyth only rarely genuinely searched someone, but he always made sure to include a genuine search or two in between every few bribes, even when the bribes slowed him down a little. He didn't accept a bribe from anyone he thought was liable to turn on him and always made sure that they had little to no proof if they went rogue and made an accusation. He made it clear to his customers that a false search from him was absolutely no guarantee that they might impress and that they shouldn't expect it. Most importantly, he was always careful to make it seem like he had fewer marks than he did, kept his excess wealth hidden, and never mentioned that he had an extra source of marks. If anyone asked why he always seemed to have money, he just said that he was good at budgeting.

This is Ay'ell's scheme, and for fourteen turns, it has gone off without a hitch.

Family and Friends
Arnell, 52, Senior Journeyman Harper (Father)
Shyna, 51, Housewife (Mother)
Rynal, 30, Journeyman Harper (Brother )
Aysel, 14, Apprentice Harper (Daughter)

Dragon's Name: Tseyth
Dragon's Age: 18
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Tseyth is a smallish blue with a svelte and agile figure. His hide is a bright shade of periwinkle that almost leans in on purple.

Quick-witted and playful, Tseyth is a dragon with a love of riddles and puzzles. He is warm in a way that is quite reminiscent of his rider at a glance. The difference between him and Ay'ell is that his warmth is genuine. Content with the simple things in life, there isn't a selfish bone in Tseyth's body. However, that doesn't mean that he is especially moral either. His great failing is his willingness to stand by and enable his rider in his schemes.

Approved: November 15th 2021
Last updated: November 6th 2021

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