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Persona Profile: Islyn

Writer: Curious

Name: Islyn
Pronunciation: Iss - lin
Age: 16
Birthday: m7 d18
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Face Claim: Taylor Swift

Physical Description of Persona:
Islyn is a tall, slender young lady with delicate features. She has fair skin, wide blue eyes, and slightly curly hair that goes down to the small of her back. Although she enjoys wearing nice dresses and pretty shoes, her clothing generally falls just a step short of being considered 'fine'.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Islyn is bold, proud, ambitious, and unapologetic. She speaks her mind freely and is open about her opinions and intentions. Yet she is not as truly genuine as she may seem.

It is true that she is good at pushing through her feelings and acting decisively in face of fear. Her ambition, the drive to be someone who other people respect and look up to, is also no lie. But her pride hides a deep-seated insecurity and preoccupation with what everyone else thinks of her. She has no genuine sense of self-worth and gets her validation purely through outside sources. This is somewhat ironic, because Islyn has a powerful capability to care about others and does not hesitate to make it known when she admires someone.

Unfortunately, the potential for compassion does not automatically equal kindness. It certainly doesn't in Islyn's case. In her desperate quest for approval, she has become someone judgmental and mean. She clings to conservative norms and will not hesitate to tear apart those who stand against her. Her brand of petty, callous cruelty also applies to anyone who is not pretty enough, not graceful enough, or otherwise does not meet her image of the ideal lord or lady. She hopes that if she does this, if she just molds herself into the perfect lady, then someday she will have a loving and supportive community.

But the people she cares about? She can make exceptions for them when they fail to meet her standards, even if she'll hesitate to say as much publicly. After all, they're /different/. Somehow.

History of Persona:
Islyn was born to a mastercrafter as his wife in Sunstone Seahold. Her family was well-off, but with seven children, they were never extraordinarily wealthy - much to the chagrin of Islyn, who quickly grew to admire and desire a glamorous lifestyle. It didn't help that she never received much in the way of attention. Her parents did love her, but even as the eldest daughter, her mob of siblings meant that she never received very much attention. It quickly turned her into a person who desperately wanted to be seen, to _be_ somebody, and would do anything to make that happen.

Family and Friends
Lysod, 47, Master Fisher (Father)
Rinetta, 41, Homemaker (Mother)
Tolson, 19, Journeyman Fisher (Brother)
Nysol, 17, Apprentice Fisher (Brother)
Doretta, 14, Hold Resident (Sister)
Lyette, 12, Holdbrat (Sister)
Ryota, 12, Holdbrat (Brother)
Soret, 10, Holdbrat (Sister)

Approved: October 24th 2021
Last updated: October 11th 2021

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