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Persona Profile: Zavek

Writer: Heather

Name: Zavek
Pronunciation: Z (soft z) - a (as in 'apple') - vick
Age: 36
Birthday: m1 d11
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Manager of Lavender Run
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Bovines
Face Claim: Henry Cavill

Physical Description of Persona:
Zavek is tall and physically well proportioned. His broad, muscled shoulders lead to a trim waist, creating a wedge-like torso. Hair as dark and shiny as obsidian, feathers across his forehead and his generally brushed back out of his eyes and rests just at the top of his shirt collar. A blade-like nose reigns supreme on his rugged face and bears the evidence of being broken, at least once, in his teenager Turns. Intense grey-blue eyes sit beneath a pair of serious eyebrows and above a square jawline that is typically covered in a few days growth of beard. Physically, Zavek maintains his fantastic shape because of his daily manual labor with herdbeasts and runnerbeasts, both of which he breeds and raises. He dresses plainly in work breeches and a button down shirt that can be quickly stripped off while he's toiling outside. A hat is typically cocked down over his eyes while he's working to keep the sun out.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Zavek comes across as the blunt and honest sort. He has the easy going smile of a man who enjoys a good joke, but underneath that honesty, friendly exterior, is a man with many secrets. Early in life, Zavek realized that his attraction to females did not match his attraction to males. Living with his very traditional Holdbred family, however, did not leave room for much exploration. Zavek learned over the Turns to keep this part of himself hidden.

History of Persona:
Zavek is the eldest son of ten children, all born to Zaverak and Alliope. Zavek's father is a wealthy farmer who maintains a vast stretch of property on the outskirts of Emerald Fall's territory. Being raised very, very traditionally had its challenges. Zaverak raised his children to have a healthy dose of suspicion regarding all things related to the Weyr, including dragonriders, and especially their ways of living. If it wasn't a requirement, Zavek's father wouldn't even tithe to the Weyr, as he doesn't want to see a single morsel of his hard work go to those "lazy good for nothings." Zavek's father is, suspiciously, quiet on the topic of the dragonriders who keep their crops and herds safe from Threadfall.

When Zavek was sixteen he met an older man, a runner, who sometimes visited their farm to deliver messages or other goods. There was something in the way the other man looked at him that told Zavek they were on the same wavelength. They met in remote places on his father's land a handful of times, where Zavek received a firsthand education in sex.

To maintain appearances at home, Zavek also dated and slept with girls here and there, earning him a clap on the shoulder from his old man, and a waspish sigh from his mother, who warned him about accidentally impregnating a girl. No worries there, Zavek thought, he was always very careful to make sure that there was no way the females he slept with could accidentally turn up with child.

At twenty-five, Zavek was given a generous parcel of his father's land, a day's ride from his parent's homestead, where he began growing lavender, and raising his own herdbeasts and runnerbeasts. The land, however, is not his outright, but still under his father's watchful eye. If Zavek deviates in a manner that his not pleasing to his father, he'll lose everything that he has worked hard to gain.

Zaverak's large farmstead is known as Double Creek, while Zavek's smaller portion focusing on lavender crops, bovines, and runnerbeasts is known as Lavender Run.

Family and Friends
Zaverak, 54, Farmer (Father)
Zallik, 19, Sr Apprentice Beastcrafter (Brother)
Zavallan, 19, Jr Journeyman Harper (Brother)
Eravilla, 21, Hold Resident's Wife (Sister)
Kapillia, 25, Farmer's Wife (Sister)
Liopaz, 28, Sr Journeyman Healer (Brother)
Rapior, 30, Sr Journeyman Smith (Brother)
Vekeria, 32, Hold Resident's Wife (Sister)
Aiorek, 34, Master Beastcrafter (Brother)
Alliope, 53, Farmer's Wife (Mother)
Laverlli, 16, Farm Resident (Sister)


Moonshade, Runner: aged 4, born m3 d2
Moonshade is a large black and grey gelding with coarse hair that shines like a polished stone in the sunlight. His forelock and mane are a creamy white, a startling contrast to the black and grey dappling that runs in swirls along the rest of his body. He is unfailing loyal to Zavek, and if left free, will follow after his master like a canine, nudging his elbow frequently for a treat.

Alfalfa, Canine: aged 5, born m7 d7
"Alf" for short, Alfalfa is a black and white canine with long, silky hair. His eyes are intelligent, and his ears short and perky when he ears something of interest. He has been trained to work with the bovines and is excellent at helping herd them when necessary.

Approved: March 10th 2021
Last updated: March 13th 2021

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