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Persona Profile: L'val

Writer: Avery

Name: L'val
Age: 34
Birthday: m7 d18
Rank: Wingleader, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: Hears All Dragons
Face Claim: Oscar Isaac

Physical Description of Persona:
Líval stands around 5í9. His hair is dark brown and naturally very curly, and he wears it longer than many riders. His eyes are a deep brown. He has tanned skin, a broad nose, and a ready smile, and somehow he always seems to have a beard shadow.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Líval is extroverted and charming, and strongly motivated by interpersonal bonds. He likes to get to know those around him and is quick to offer a ready smile, casual chats, and an offer to hang out sometime. Heís good at maintaining positive casual relationships with nearly anyone. If youíre someone he considers under his wing, Líval will do anything he can to help and protect you and can get prickly or defensive over threats to them.

Líval is decisive and action oriented, preferring to do something rather than sit around thinking or discussing for long periods. Because of this, heíll volunteer for extra duties. His downsides include that he can be emotionally moody and volatile at times, and that he has trouble letting go of emotional betrayals or slights.

History of Persona:
Lyvalen was born at Pearl Shoals Hold, one of the minor Holds in the territory of Opal Cove Hold, as one of the children of the holdís archivist. He was a chatterbox from a young age, and had a tendency to live in his own head, spending time telling stories and chatting with voices. Usually this was to other children or adults, but sometimes he seemed to be telling stories to invisible friends.

His work apprenticed to the Stewards was derailed when a Searchdragon arrived at the Hold. It was then discovered Lyvalenís invisible friends he told stories to were actually passing dragons. His Search came during the tail of the last Interval, during the period when clutches were huge, new Weyrs were re-opening all across the South to relieve crowding, and all of them needed Candidates. He was sent to Rising Moons Weyr as part of their first batch of Candidates.

Many thought that his Hears-All trait would lead to him Impressing at his first Hatching, but he didnít. In fact, he was only months away from aging out of Candidacy before he Impressed to bronze Kyverth. The experience of weyrlinghood opened up Lívalís extroversion to full flourish. He became an emotional center of his class, always volunteering first for things, organizing study groups, and helping others out where he could.

Lívalís fighting career has been marked by increasing responsibilities; whether thatís just because of the expectations of a bronzerider, or because of extra interest because of his Hears-All ability, heís never been quite sure. Heís always led a nine, received a promotion to wingthird in turn 6, and from there achieved a wingsecond position in mid-turn 8. His personal life has been marked by a series of casual and serious relationships with women, but no weyrmatings. He has a few flight children, but is closest to his daughter Yvase. Kyverth has had only one significant Threadscoring.

The building of Barrier Lake Weyrhold meant that all of the Southern Weyrs dealt with reshuffling as riders moved around and wings were rebalanced. Lívalís wing at Rising Moons was being broken up and merged into other wings, and he didnít want to be one of the many bronzeriders swarming to Barrier Lake in hopes of becoming Weyrleader. Instead, he transferred to Dragonsfall Weyr.

Family and Friends
Yvase, 12, Weyrbrat (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Kyverth
Dragon's Age: 14
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Kyverth is on the larger side of the scale for a bronze dragon. He is a rich color, brighter on the back and wings and with darker shading along the legs and belly. He has pale scarring across his left wing where Thread ate through it.

Kyverthís personality is pretty typical for a bronze. He is supremely confident in the skills of himself and his rider. He likes sunning himself on the heights, chasing in flights, and flirting with females. He finds it easy to be stern with other dragons to keep them in line, a good trait in a ranking bronze, but he also has a soft spot for the young ones.

Approved: December 1st 2020
Last updated: September 30th 2021

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