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Persona Profile: Tarani

Writer: Estelle

Name: Tarani
Age: 17
Birthday: m9 d3
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Physical Description of Persona:
Tarani is not tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up in sheer exuberant, boundless energy that even the sedate conventions of her position in society can't suppress. Her long, wavy hair is the rich red-gold of autumn leaves, and her naturally fair skin has been darkened to a healthy glow by many hours spent in the high hills of her family's home. Her face is oval and her features delicately shaped, with an upturned nose, wide mouth and bright, mischievous green eyes. Her figure is beginning to fill out from gawky adolescence into a more womanly form, shaped by as frequent exercise as her situation permits.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Reckless, determined, proud and high-spirited, Tarani is barely held back by the conventional expectations of a lady. She has a confident, outgoing personality, loves attention and is equally comfortable talking with drudges and Lords. She does have a sense of her own rank and is capable of behaving properly when she puts her mind to it, but most of the time, she enjoys shocking some of the more cautious residents of the Hold. She's drawn to danger and excitement, but where her rebellious streak gets her into trouble, charm and quick thinking conspire to rescue her from scrapes.

Tarani can be careless of others' feelings and occasionally ruthless, but she shows genuine affection in one regard: for animals. She passionately adores runners, canines and whers, having grown up around them, and would rather be in the stables than the ladies' parlour. She can, however, be tempted back into company by stories and gossip.

History of Persona:
Tarani was born to the younger brother of the Lord Holder of Flint Hills and his wife, the fourth and only daughter of six children. One of the smaller and more isolated major Holds, Flint Hills is best known for its rolling, rather bare landscape, its beast herds and its gruff but loyal and hard-working holders. Despite the best efforts of her mother, she grew up almost entirely outdoors, playing with her brothers and cousins, riding and exploring her uncle's lands.

Soon after her fifteenth birthday, her uncle returned from Conclave with news that Lord Bryvin of Sunstone Seahold was divorcing his wife. Since both of his daughters were already married and he was very fond of Tarani, he decided to send her to Sunstone for fostering in the hope that she'd catch the eye of the Lord Holder. On her way, Tarani met two other young ladies with the same destination and realised she was not the only hopeful potential bride.

Eventually, Lord Bryvin chose one of her new friends, Asaile, as the new Lady Holder. Tarani caught the eye of an ageing Lord at the wedding and was briefly betrothed to him by her father, much to her disgust. Her uncle disapproved of the match but was unable to intervene and risk insulting his fellow Lord. However, he did promise Tarani that if she survived her prospective husband, her next suitor would be one of her own choice. As it happened, the old man died before the wedding day, and Tarani was quick to hold her uncle to his promise. Now, as a lady-in-waiting to Lady Asaile, she has a measure of control over her own fate.

Family and Friends
Giltran, 53, Lord Holder of Flint Hills (Uncle)
Tarlon, 48, Hold Resident (Father)
Celanika, 47, Hold Resident (Mother)

Approved: November 18th 2020
Last updated: November 18th 2020

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