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Persona Profile: Kefnek

Writer: AmajoS

Name: Kefnek
Age: 55
Birthday: m7 d13
Rank: Hallmaster
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Wines
Face Claim: Tobin Bell

Physical Description of Persona:
Kefnek is a tall, thin man who looks looks older than his years due to all the time spent out in the sun, tending vines. His eyes are a piercing blue and his hair was once blond, but now mostly grey and receding. His nose is chiseled and his mouth thin and the lines around his eyes are prominent.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kefnek is focused and driven and expects others to be the same. However, he does not expect anyone to do work that he, himself would not do and he often joins the journeymen and apprentices in the fields or to help with bottling. He has an even temper and a quiet nature, but cannot abide laziness and will rebuke it sharply when he sees it.

History of Persona:
Kefnek was born the turn before the devastating plague that swept the Southern Continent. His mother had been a journeywoman before the decision to ban women from crafting was put into effect. She had been particularly well known for her skill in producing flavored liquors. After the ban, she had been forced to give that up and spend her time producing children. She had three after the ban, in addition to the two she'd had before it. She died in childbirth with her sixth child when Kefnek was seven.

His father remarried, this time to a girl who had never been a crafter. She had four children herself, over the turns until her husband's death. After a while he came to view Melamane to be his mother. She embraced her role as mother and impressed upon Kefnek and all his siblings, the girls in particular, how important the role of women as mothers was now.

Kefnek's father, who had been a journeyman himself, was a man who enjoyed the fruits of his craft a bit too much. This got worse over the turns, particularly after his first wife was forced to give up crafting and did her best to make him miserable in return. Eventually, he died of a heart attack while pushing a barrel of mead onto a wagon when Kefnek was fifteen and had just advanced from junior apprentice to senior.

He met his wife, Demolli, shortly after walking the tables to become a journeyman. She was the daughter of one of the Masters in the Hall and he was smitten with her immediately. Together they had six children.

Because of his work ethic and his deft hand, Kefnek rose in the ranks fairly quickly, making Master shortly after his fortieth turn. He has seen the coming and going of several Hallmasters over the turns, and now it is his turn.

Family and Friends
Demolli, 41, Hall Resident (Wife)
Kedem, 24, Jr. Journeyman Vintner (Son)
Nemol, 22, Sr. Apprentice Vintner (Son)
Demne, 18, Hold Resident at Amber Hills Hold (Daughter)
Nekmol, 16, Jr. Apprentice Weaver (Son)
Mollne, 13, Hall Resident (Daughter)
Kefol, 11, Hall Resident (Son)


Chitter, Brown Firelizard: aged 36, hatched m12 d9
Chitter had been a present from his Master. He'd procured the egg to give to Kefnek when he'd walked the tables to Journeyman.

The brown firelizard is very well trained and often helps Kefnek keep an eye on wayward apprentices and younger journeymen. He harangues almost as well as Kefnek himself does.

Approved: April 14th 2019
Last updated: April 9th 2019

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