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Persona Profile: Saranni

Writer: AmajoS

Name: Saranni
Age: 19
Birthday: m4 d16
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Face Claim: Masha Tyelna

Physical Description of Persona:
Saranni is tall and thin, almost willowy, and moves with practiced grace. She plays several instruments very well and has long, nimble fingers. Her hair is dark blond, almost brown, and her eyes are green and slightly too large for her delicate features, giving her an odd, though not unpleasant appearance.

She has an unfortunate gap between her two front teeth, which she tries to hide by making a practice of only offering small, closed mouth smiles.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Saranni has trained her entire life for the purpose of making others happy. She is very good at determining how someone would like her to behave, and behaving in just that way. At the core of herself, she enjoys the games, but wishes she could take the time to explore what might make -her- happy. The idea that snaring the perfect husband to meet her family's goals might finally give her the time to do so makes her that much more determined to succeed.

History of Persona:
Saranni is the youngest daughter of a wealthy Minor Holder beholden to Coral Bay Hold. She has two older sisters and three brothers, one older and two younger.

All of the girls were trained from a very young age to acquire favorable marriages for the family. This included being sent to the Harper Hall as students when they were young to learn how to sing and play prettily, as well as training in the womanly arts of embroidery and dance. They were taught how to hold conversations with important people, without seeming to have unwomanly opinions. They were taught how to manage holds and men with demure grace.

Her oldest sister was married to a neighboring Minor Holder who only had one son, effectively tying the two Minor Holds together as the son she would someday bear would one day inherit it and would obviously align with his uncle. Her next older sister was married to a very wealthy Trader, which would insure that their family would receive favorable deals in trades and goods in the future.

The boys were likewise trained with family ambition in mind. Her oldest brother was, of course, his father's heir, but his marriage to a daughter of a rival Minor Hold ensured that relations between the families would settle. The two younger boys were more free than their older siblings, but only so much. Both were placed into prestigious apprenticeships which would benefit the family once their training was complete.

Saranni's destiny was the most ambitious though. Her father decided to send her to Emerald Falls Hold when he got word that the Lord Holder there was once again free to wed, to see if she could snare the biggest prize of all.

Family and Friends
Sarnom, 64, Minor Holder (Father)
Annali, 44, Minor Lady Holder (Mother)
Sarnal, 27, Hold Resident (Brother)
Sarna, 25, Hold Resident (Sister)
Annasa, 22, Hold Resident (Sister)
Nomal, 17, Jr Apprentice Harper (Brother)
Nalom, 15, Jr Apprentice Technician (Brother)


Berry, Blue Firelizard: aged 4, hatched m3 d14
A small blue, with a dark body, almost a navy blue in hue and lighter wings. Berry is inquisitive and always wiggling into places he ought not be. He is very loyal to his person and she counts him as her one true friend and confidant.

Approved: February 3rd 2019
Last updated: March 17th 2019

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