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Persona Profile: Zh'no

Writer: Eimi

Name: Zh'no
Age: 40
Birthday: m1 d6
Rank: Wingrider, Sienna Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Beasthealer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Zh'no is tall with long graceful lines to his muscular body. He maintains his physique through weight training, or pretty much any kind of solitary outdoor activity (hiking, swimming, running, etc). His eyes and hair are dark, though he is starting to show a bit of silver around his ears. He keeps his hair just past his shoulders, but he usually ties it back and out of his way. Usually when the first snow flurries fly he grows a beard for extra warmth during Threadfall, but shaves it off when the weather warms.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Zh'no is a quiet deep thinker. He doesn't have many good friends, but doesn't have many enemies, either. At times he can rub people the wrong way with his cool aloofness, but he quickly fades into the background and is forgotten. He has a deep love for all living things, and finds being in nature and around animals and dragons far more soothing than the company of people.

The bluerider likes to accept reality for what it is. He has never been a dreamer, and takes the good as well as the bad for what they are. Hope is not an emotion he feels much. Whatever happens will happen, and he can either control it or he can't. There is no reason, in his mind, to waste time on what could be instead of facing what is.

Despite his introverted and brooding nature, he has found loving and fulfilling relationships with both sexes. He is not the type to be exclusive as he has never found anyone that satisfies every need, and accepts he cannot do that for another. Some people need that, but he just never did.

Zh'no fathered two children, one with a Flight moth, and his older daughter with a weyrmate, Gernise, who was sadly killed in a drilling accident preparing for the first Fall of the Pass. While he is not the most natural father, he does make a strong effort to be a presence in their lives. He makes sure to attend all birthingday parties and special events, and works hard to find time to spend with them at least once or twice a month, often including them in his long walks through nature.

History of Persona:
Zh'no was born Zharno to his mother Zharalia and father Nochek in a Northern Hold. Both died tragically young. His father died when he was thrown from a runner, and his mother passed away a couple Turns later from pneumonia when her son was six . Their parents had had a falling out with each other and the couple soon after their wedding. However, they came together after Zharalia's death to decide the fate of the children. Their daughter, Nolia stayed with Zharalia's parents at the Hold of their birth while Zharno was taken by Nochek's parents to their Hold among the rolling plains. Zh'no never saw his older sister again.

He grew up around animals in his rural Hold and seemed to have a natural talent when working with them. When he came of age, his grandfather put forth the marks to send him to the Beastcraft Hall thinking it would be beneficial to his future and to the Hold to have the boy trained formally. His early apprentice Turns were a great time for him. He made only a few good friends of both sexes, but they were deep and full of fond memories. As he grew taller and filled out, the female apprentices took notice and he had more than one meaningful relationship during that time.

However, one relationship would change his life forever. His first sexual encounter was with Balesier, the Junior Apprentice that slept in the bunk next to his in the apprentice barracks. The encounter helped open his eyes to the fact that he felt attraction to boys as well as girls. He quickly learned to suppress those feelings when Balesier's leanings were discovered, and the boy was savagely beaten by some of their fellow apprentices. From then on Zharno kept his thoughts and feelings to himself.

About twelve Turns before the start of the Pass, not long after Zharno's graduation to Journeymen and reassignment to his old home, Southern dragons were reporting large Clutch sizes and whispers began to spread that Thread would soon return. Searchriders were given permission to Search Northern Holds for Candidates. To his surprise and delight, Zharno was among those chosen by the Searchriders. He had been instantly fascinated by the dragons and eagerly left friends and family behind to Stand at Dragonsfall. In his second Hatching, Peohth found him, and Zh'no found the freedom to be himself in the Weyr.

He continued with his craft, tending to the animals of the Weyr, but when Thread returned and Dragonhealers were suddenly in dire need, Zh'no found himself pulled out of half the Fall to assist them. Though dragons were not his specialty, he became rather valuable in triage and in treating minor injuries in those first few Falls when so many casualties were coming in, freeing up the formally trained dragonhealers to work on the cases more suited to their talents. The number of dragonhealers has increased in the Turns since the first Fall, but Zh'no's experiences and demeanor still makes him and Peohth valuable assets to their triage team.

Family and Friends
Elarna, 9, Weyrbrat (Daughter)
Zharnise, 12, Weyrbrat (Daughter)

Dragon's Name: Peohth
Dragon's Age: 22
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Peohth is average in size and a deep cerulean blue from tip to tail. He is far more social than Zh'no, enjoying the company of other dragons as he bathes up on the heights. But he is not flighty or flirty. He and Zh'no rarely make each other laugh. Rather they share deep conversations and observations about the world around them. Peohth often goes to Zh'no with questions he doesn't understand, and the two have long discussions together.


Mar, Blue Firelizard: aged 17, hatched m10 d21
Mar is a deep sky blue. The little blue enjoys attention, but only when he's in the mood. In some ways he is just as introverted as Zh'no. He is not often seen in the company of other flits, but rather can be found with Peohth or somewhere on a perch watching over his human friend. Zh'no enjoys the company of his little blue even more than most people.

Approved: December 2nd 2017
Last updated: August 17th 2018

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