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Persona Profile: Tovessah

Writer: Sarah Lynn

Name: Tovessah
Age: 28
Birthday: m3 d21
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Job: Seamstress/Lacemaker

Physical Description of Persona:
She’s small in height at only 5’1”, but what she lacks in size and build, she makes up for in beauty. She was blessed to take after her mother in appearance, like the rest of her sisters, who all have the same soft features, pretty blue eyes, and bright blonde hair. It hangs down her shoulders in gentle waves which she generally lets flow free, or wears in a tail or plait; every so often she has it trimmed to keep it from getting too long again.

Emotional Description of Persona:
It can be difficult to pinpoint what she is. She presents as a proper young woman with a ready smile and a willingness to work (the latter of which isn’t a lie) having grown up expect to be a proper young woman, when in reality there are many creature comforts that she craves. Cold and calculating, she generally knows what needs to be done in order to obtain many of the things she needs to keep herself relatively happy.

But she has a temper on her, one that could wrap around Pern several times over and still have space to spare. But somehow she always managed to keep a lid on things and smile, which makes her an even more dangerous opponent than someone that blows their stack outright.

Cruel and vicious when she wants to be, double crossing her or doing something that might set her off probably isn’t a good idea. While she doesn’t believe in the use of outright violence or bloodshed - she knows of other ways to make someone hurt. Not everything has to be physical. Through experience, she’s learned that there are psychological means of getting to your enemies.

History of Persona:
A daughter of a crafter and his seamstress wife, both of Topaz Seahold. She was just one of many children, one of many daughters, and one of many disappointments to her father. He never hid the fact that he wasn’t happy to have so many girl children from them, and it led to much bitterness in all of them as they matured.

He refused to craft any of them of course, but he at least ensured they learned how to make the most beautiful of dresses and lace, figuring that would be of use to them one day. She never argued, and didn’t have the room to be of the fairer sex, but she decided she would keep her opinions to herself no matter her placement and find some way to throw things back at her father one day in a rather spectacular manner.

Her hard work and “obedience” won her favor, a deal of it she lost when a brother was finally born, which rankled her to no end. She took to combing the beaches for firelizard nests, figuring if she could gather one or three of them for her father, he might look at her in a new light again.

She succeeded in finding some eggs, and he allowed her to keep one that later hatched a big green. He called it a useless reward, but she was left laughing in his face when he ended up with a dimwitted brown that bit fingers.

By the time she was twenty-five, one of her sisters had escaped to the Weyr and Impressed, another had married to a minor Holder, and the rest had grown complacent in their positions in life - either that or they had simply given up on any chance of leave the space underneath their father’s iron thumb. But not her, she looked and waited for any chance that might come about that might give her the taste of freedom she so desperately craved.

Men could be terribly daft. They really needed to learn how to keep their tongues to themselves. Over the Turns, she had gained enough of their secrets to gather marks that might gain her escape to the North, but when she heard this one… She approached the men and put her mouth out there, “I’ll not only get the job done, I’ll ensure it’s completed in faster detail.”

She didn’t stop to ask questions, she didn’t ask if it meant getting blood on her hands or what would happen to her family. She just knew she needed an out and this was the way to it. It wasn’t until after the fact, when contracts had been signed, that she finally learned the truth: her mission, now that she’d accepted it, was simple.

Ensure the package would be brought to the designation point, and her job would be done.

Family and Friends
Tovarsh, 62, Master Weaver (Father)
Hasserea, 69, Seamstress (Mother)
Vasheta, 42, Dressmaker (Sister)
Severra, 39, Minor Holder's Wife (Sister)
Thossera, 35, Lacemaker (Sister)
Shoshera, 32, Greenrider (Sister)
Oshaa, 31, Seamstress (Sister)
Haverea, 28, Seamstress (Sister)
Tovasser, 13, Hold Child (Brother)


Elegance, Green Firelizard: aged 12, hatched m10 d14
Elegance is as her name might suggest - an elegant looking firelizard of beautiful emerald and light, silvery greens. She’s large for her color, with long wings and a body of perfect proportions, though by no means is she larger than a blue. In personality, she’s unlike others of her hide, with just enough intelligence to her to make her passably trainable, and enough bite in her bark to be a source of pride to her human.

Approved: November 28th 2017
Last updated: November 28th 2017

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