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Persona Profile: Capwick

Writer: Eimi

Name: Capwick
Age: 59
Birthday: m12 d23
Rank: Hallsecond
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Distiller

Physical Description of Persona:
Master Capwick (often called simply just "Cap") is a shade over average height, and broad in shoulders and chest. He is a strong man, hauling sacks of grains and kegs of various types of distilled beverages for the whole of his life. His face is rather flat and vaguely heart-shaped. His nose is short and broad, swooping to a point at the end and showing very little sign of the multiple breaks it has suffered in his lifetime. His pointed chin has always been covered by a full black beard, though it is now faded to dark grey that is quickly transitioning into silver. His long hair is kept tied in the back, and trimmed just short enough that it won't fall into his dark grey eyes in front. Though he would not be universally praised for his looks, there is something about him that most people find attractive, whether it's his smile, his eyes, or his strong presence.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Cap has a very strong personality. He laughs loud, but he can yell loud, too. He is known to have a bit of a temper, but it has cooled somewhat over the turns. While it is hard for him to trust others, he rarely gives up on people. He is a true and loyal friend. Cap is honest and straight forward, and expects the same from those he deals with. He can appear gruff and tough, he has a very soft heart, and though he hates to admit it, he is at times prone to tears, especially where his daughters are concerned.

Though he is not exactly a young man anymore, he is far from set in his ways. He is always looking for an edge, for ways to improve himself and his craft. He embraces new technologies and new ideas and is always thinking of ways to use them.

He of course does like to sample the latest his Hall has to offer, but his hard drinking days are long over. He might enjoy a pint or a snort now and then with an old friend, but he would much rather have a fishing pole in his hand than a drink. He takes as great of pride in his handmade fishing lures and flies as he does his work.

History of Persona:
Cap was actually not a Hall trained Vintner. His family had run a small whiskey distillery of some renown in the foothills of Sapphire Meadows Hold for centuries and every boy in the family old enough to walk on their own two feet were expected to lend a hand in some way or another. Capwick has nothing but good memories of his upbringing, and was happy to have been formally apprenticed when he came of age, though he already knew more about running a distillery than even many journeymen did! He received his own journeyman knots soon after his 18th birthday and was set in his job at the distillery. But he was restless. He would often beg his father and uncles to look to the future, to expand the business into other types of spirits and modernize their production. But their family was steeped in tradition, and their tradition was whiskey, made the way their forefathers had done.

Adding to his growing discontent was an arranged marriage to Alaris. The pair had known all their lives they were meant for each other, though they had little in common. Still, when the time came, they were wed, and both tried to make the best of it. She supported her young husband's decision when he finally was ready to break away from the family and find something new. The young couple moved to Diamond Springs, a Hold in the foothills of the mountains just west of the mouth of the Sea of Azov. There they settled in to assist a new distillery attached to a tavern that was making white liquor, an un-malted distilled drink made from grains or tubers. They were open to fresh ideas, and Cap found himself very happy there lending a hand both in the distillery and tavern.

After eight Turns of marriage and three children, Capwick discovered his wife, Alaris, had been having an affair with the distillery's cask maker. Far from being angry, the vintner was actually relieved. Far away from the influence of their families, the pair felt free to get a quiet and amicable divorce. No longer man and wife, Cap and Alaris were able to not only put aside their grievances, but even became good friends. In fact, Cap happily stood in as their witness when she married her lover a Turn or so after. The children from their marriage look to him as a favorite uncle.

Cap enjoyed his new found freedom for a few Turns before meeting and falling for the widowed wife of a local farmer. She also had been in an arranged marriage, and was not looking to jump into another too quickly. Cap had infinite patience, knowing Sanora would eventually come around. In the end, fate made the decision for them as she found herself pregnant with their first child. The pair wed, and though they suffered through the usual ins and outs of married life, they have enjoyed a loving and equal partnership.

By the time Cap was 45, both his daughters by Alaris had been married and started their new lives, and their son was studying at the Technician Hall. With Alaris and Sanora's encouragement, Cap began to think of his own future. He decided to pursue his Master's knots at the Vintner Hall. Taking his wife and their children with him, he moved his family to the Hall at Amethyst Cliff Hold. It was not an easy time as Cap had to relearn a lot of his training. Most of his training came naturally, so things like making and following recipes was a bit of a challenge. He also had to gain a deeper understanding of other disciplines within the Hall. Soon he found his feet and gained both his knots and his fellow Vintner's respect. Though he had intended to return to Diamond Springs, he stayed on at the Hall, finding that he had a knack for imparting his wisdom and experience to the students there.

After the Vintner Hall was destroyed in an earthquake, Capwick played a vital role in setting up the distillery at the new location. His leadership skills became apparent, and when the Hallsecond position became vacant, the promotion was offered to him. Ready for a new challenge, Cap accepted.

Family and Friends
Sanora, 55, Hall Resident, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Wife)
Alaris, 57, Hold Resident (Diamond Springs Hold) (Ex-wife, Good friend)
Capris, 36, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Wilaris, 34, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Calarick, 34, Technician (Son)
Banoran, 34, Vintner (Step-Son)
Capran, 27, Glassmith (Son)
Norwick, 24, Hall Resident (Son)
Casana, 21, Hall Resident (Daughter)
Winora, 17, Hall Resident (Daughter)

Approved: July 15th 2017
Last updated: July 17th 2017

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