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Persona Profile: Jihan

Writer: Eimi

Name: Jihan
Age: 43
Birthday: m3 d3
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Assistant Steward

Physical Description of Persona:
Though Jihan is a man of just under average height, the straight-lined posture with which he carries his slight frame gives him the appearance of being a bit taller. Though in his fourth decade of life, his large, almond shaped brown eyes and rather sweet smile might make one think that is he younger. Those features combined with his effortlessly impeccable posture make him appear alert and ready to spring forward into action at a moments notice. His true age is given away by the grey creeping up from his temples into his rapidly thinning black hair. Though his nose is pronounced, it is not at all a detraction from a rather pleasant face.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jihan is first and foremost a family man. His wife and two sons are his world. But he is also a faithful servant to his Hold. Though he was not born in Emerald Falls, he gives his all to ensure it's success. He has a reputation for being honest, meticulous, and trustworthy.

When not at work, he easily slips back into the role of friend, husband, and father. His family are well acquainted with a rather playful and silly side to his personality, and while he does not laugh loudly, his eyes are often full of mirth. Though his baritone voice is soft and gentle, he can raise it to powerful effect when need be. Generally, though, he is slow to anger.

History of Persona:
Jihan was born in Red Rush, a minor holding in the foothills of Emerald Fall's territory to Kirhan and Jisara. His father, a Harper skilled as both an archivist and scribe, was assigned there as a young man, fell in love with a local woman, and never left the bounds of the Hold again for any length of time. He raised a good size family of five children, though Jihan was the only son. His father taught him how to write and file records, and instilled in his son from an early age the importance of both penmanship and good posture - a must for anyone spending a life pouring over Records.

Though Jihan had at one point considered asking his father to be sent to the nearby Harper Hall for formal training, the young man found that he could learn all he ever needed from his father and the Steward of Red Rush. His father had told him stories of their family history. Legend had it that their ancestor was one of the technicians who helped harness the power of the falls to generate power for the brand new Hold that would become Emerald Falls, and that their branch of the family had never left it's borders since. Jihan couldn't be sure it was true, but it filled his heart with pride and his head with ideas. His dream became to return to Emerald Falls, their ancestral home, and continuing the work to make it great. He had the privilege of meeting the Steward of the Hold when he was twenty-two Turns as part of an envoy sent discuss a petition for improved roads linking the minor holds to the main Hold, but he could not work up the courage to ask if a position at Emerald Falls might be available.

It was also during this trip that he met Nadreh, a girl born and raised in the Hold who charmed him from the first moment he laid eyes on her. They began a friendly correspondence that as time went on turned to romance. Five Turns later they were married, and Nadreh joined her husband in the hills of Red Rush. Though carrying a baby to term proved difficult for Jihan's bride, they were eventually blessed with two fine sons who have brought joy to their lives.

At the beginning of the third Turn of the Pass, Jihan's father sadly passed away. As his mother had passed away long before, Jihan and Nadreh found themselves with the freedom to follow the dream they both had quietly shared with each other - to move their family to Emerald Falls one day to be closer to Nadreh's family and to allow Jihan to work under the Steward. However, not long after the transfer was approved, the Steward, Artias, passed away, and Corowal of Coral Bay took over the office. Soon after Corowal rose to the position of Lord Holder, and Jihan resolved to be as much use
to his new leader and Hold as he possibly could.

Family and Friends
Nadreh, 37, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold (Wife)
Hanad, 11, Holdbrat (Son)
Jireh, 5, Holdbrat (Son)

Approved: January 22nd 2019
Last updated: September 25th 2018

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