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Persona Profile: Verran

Writer: Paula

Name: Verran
Age: 41
Birthday: m4 d18
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Green Valley Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Verran is 5'9'' tall and has a normal bodybuild: not slim, neither heavy set. His hair is copper tinted blond and eyes blue. He is handsome man with easy, charming smile. His smile doesn't always reach his eyes though which seem to have shadows in them.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Outward, Verran gives the impression of being social, friendly and charming. His manners are always polite and gentlemanly. But just beneath the surface is lurking resentment and bitterness. He can be sharp-tongued. He's something of a math genius and has pedantic obsession for organizing. Perhaps it's a mental defence for the chaos inside him. His marriage is unhappy one, even total strangers can see it.

History of Persona:
Verran is the third child and third son for minor Holder Uverin and his wife Adranna. Born in Pine Creek Hold his childhood was normal and happy. He had a little sister three Turns later and then later, three younger brothers.

When he hit the teens, he came to realize he was different: girls didn't turn him on, men did.

Originally, Verran started as an apprentice Harper but dropped out after three Turns. Instead Verran joined the steward's staff in Pine Creek Hold. He has a good head for math and organizing. He learned to hide his sexual "aberration" and married a girl his parents choose for him. That was a mistake, they both became unhappy and bitter, constantly needling each other.

Career-wise, Verran was doing well but his private life was a shamble. When Niccea was finally born, after ten Turns of marriage, everyone could see she wasn't his daughter. But still they kept up the facade. It was better than the public humiliation and shame. Verran grew to love Niccea like his own. Lately, Verran has been looking for a new job, a change to leave his home Hold behind him.

Family and Friends
Ganice, 39, Hold resident (wife)
Niccea, 8, Hold brat ((step)-daughter)


Roller, Blue Firelizard: aged 18, hatched m9 d27
Roller is small-sized, agile dark blue firelizard. He loves aerial acrobatics and was named for his rolling flight pattern. He's rather typical blue, flirty, flighty and not very smart. Verran's trained him to carry messages and most of the time he's reliable. But ones and awhile letters he delivers goes awry.

Approved: May 16th 2017
Last updated: April 1st 2024

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