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Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 1st October 2021

Characters: N'vanik, J'ackt, Enali
Description: Enalie is detained and Questioned.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 9, day 17 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Cyradis, K'don
Occurs after "Detained"


Enali dragged her feet as she was forcibly led towards the Headwoman's
office, anxiety, fear, and frustrated anger bubbling up
in her belly. She wanted to vomit. She'd been so close to leaving!
What was she supposed to do now? What would she say? She thought of
the unwanted child she carried and about her options, even as she
resisted being marched towards the office. She needed more time!

Her mind quickly worked. They couldn't discover who she was and who
she'd been connected to. She'd be sent to the mines too and like
Grevan, she'd never come out again. Suddenly, she let the tears flow
to her eyes and began to sniffle piteously, allowing herself to weep
out of apparent fear. As the door was opened and she was thrust
inside, she stumbled, purposefully didn't catch herself and fell to
her knees. Biting the inside of her cheek, she kept her head bowed and
affected a terrified tremble that wasn't entirely feigned. Glancing
upwards, she saw that the temporary Headwoman was speaking quietly to
the Weyrleader, explaining that she had assigned a drudge named Enali
to light work doing dishes after the Hatching Feast, not in the more
physical butchering area.

As Enali fell forward, the elderly woman's lips thinned before she
stepped forward, stopped, then looked at N'vanik.

N'vanik stepped closer and glared down at her. "You were near the
hatchlings' meat, where you shouldn't have been, and then you ran from
the area. You also ran from _two_ riders, including the
Weyrlingmaster. Explain yourself." He had an urge to
do terrible violence to her, but he needed to be sure, and he needed
to know if anyone else was involved.

She'd have to try to convince him... holding her belly to accent it,
she shook her head. "I was just trying to help the other drudges!
And... and then I suddenly had to use the privies and they followed
me! I got scared! I didn't do anything wrong! I'm only a drudge!" She
sniffled, peering up through her lashes at the Weyrleader in attempt
to evoke pity and playing up the tears as best she could.

"You got scared so you attacked two dragonriders when they questioned you?"

"I...I just wanted to leave and they wouldn't let me. I...." Her
words fumbled then, trying to come up with a reasonable excuse but
failing. A flash of angry frustration on her face couldn't be hidden
before she ducked her head down. Anger warred with fear as she
struggled visibly to come up with an excuse. "They grabbed me first!"

Fury beat inside N'vanik but his voice was cold. "Sending a pregnant
woman to do their dirty work? Just how low are these holders?"

That brought an immediate surge of her own long repressed fury and
Enali leapt to the defense of those behind her without thought, not
seeing the misunderstanding, but just reacting to his attack. "I
chose to come here! We're taking a stand against you! You think you're
all so high and mighty and that nothing can touch any of you, but I
just showed you it can happen! What the Weyr does to the Hold and our
people will have consequences!" She cradled her belly and spat out.
"Do you think I wanted to carry this brat? But it's your precious
J'ackt's and we all know now how much Weyr values his fecking spawn!
We know more than you think!"

_J'ackt's_ baby? It must be a result of Cyradis's demand that he bed
women whenever Zith lost a flight. After the fight he'd put up,
N'vanik couldn't imagine J'ackt choosing to sleep with a drudge. "What
we _do_ to you? What we _do_?! We protect you from Thread you sharding
dimglow!" He had to clench his fists to keep from hurting her.

"The Weyr steals from us! Our food! Our people! Our men!!" The last
was screeched at him as tears filled her eyes. "Dragonriders can beat
us down, beat our men, send him to the mines to die, but we'll fight
back! You won't ever have the power you think you do and we'll make
sure of it! You'll pay! You'll pay for everything you've taken!" The
words flew from her before she could stop them.

It was only as she took a breath that she realized how much she had
said, how much she'd revealed and she paled with real fear at the
expression on the Weyrleader's face. Swallowing hard, she began to
scoot back and clamped her lips shut.

Getting a confession out of her had been much easier than he'd
thought. "You knew Grevan," N'vanik said, more statement than

She glared at him, but even as she glared, her eyes grew moist as
she rapidly blinked to still the tears that threatened to spill over.
Instead of admitting anything else, she clamped her lips shut and
turned. Her face away.

"He was a tunnelsnake and he got what he deserved." N'vanik smiled, a
cruel twist of lips. "Though an actual tunnelsnake might've survived."

That brought an immediate reaction as she turned her face and hissed
at him much like the tunnelsnake he'd accused Grevan of being. She
struggled to her feet and launched herself at the Weyrleader, making
to pound on his chest. "He was wonderful! How dare you! He was my
everything! I hate you! I hate you all!"

N'vanik caught her, grappling with Enali until he got a firm hold on
her wrists. He called for the guards to come in and restrain her.
Well, he knew what buttons to push to get a reaction. The Weyrleader
pushed his hair back from his face as he watched the woman rage in the
guards' grip. "Who else was involved?"

Enali struggled against the grip, both hands drawn behind her back.
Her struggles loosed her hair until it it covered her face and she
snarled at the Weyrleader. The thought came that she couldn't reveal
who she was working with. She wouldn't. Not for him. Not for anyone!
"I don't have to tell you anything. We're every _Weyr_." She flashed
a malicious smile. "And you can't touch me. I'm pregnant. "

Much as he wanted to hurt her, she was right that he wouldn't harm the
baby. "You have a few months then."

She could use that time to escape or to get away. But what happened
then? They wouldn't separate her from the little beast after, would
they? Maybe a ploy would be effective. A bargain of sorts. Her eyes
narrowed. "I'll talk if you guarantee my safety. I don't go to the
mines like you sent my Grevan."

N'vanik considered how much he wanted to lie. It was disturbingly
tempting to agree to anything so she would give him names. He needed
to know every person involved in this so he could make sure they never
had a chance to hurt his people again. "Grevan was sent to the mines
because I had to compromise with Lord Corowal and the Harper
Hallmaster. Grevan was holdfolk when he attacked my rider." N'vanik
gave her a piercing stare. "But you...you've been living here, which
makes you weyrfolk. And that means _I_ decide what happens to you."

That was something she hadn't expected. Only him? She could appeal to
the Weyrwoman couldn't she? Especially since she was pregnant. They
wanted their breeders after all; that had already been proved.
"So what do I get if I tell you anything? What's in it for me?"

"You have a family, don't you?" N'vanik didn't want to say too much in
front of the guard and the acting Headwoman.

"My family supports the Weyr," she spat. They'd not done anything
when Grevan had died. They'd said he should have "known better'. Her
eyes narrowed as an idea came to her. She was caught and he wouldn't
touch her... not yet She still had time, but she could at least do
something now. "I'll give you names, but I want just half of a
quarter of a candlemark to speak to J'ackt. It doesn't have to be
alone. Five minutes and then I'll tell you who we've got in the

Whatever she had up her sleeve wasn't good. "Definitely not alone.
I'll see if he's willing to talk to you." He didn't want to have
J'ackt leave Cyradis's side, but she'd still have K'deren watching
over her, not to mention a very fierce Senior Queen. N'vanik's eyes
unfocused as he spoke to his dragon.

}:Mine says they have the one who poisoned the hatchlings.:{ Loseth
hissed softly, edgy and agitated. }:She has asked to speak with your
rider. She knew the one who hurt yours.:{ The bronze didn't remember
the event, but relayed the information from N'vanik.

}: Mine will come. The Healer is with Panitath's now and he is just
watching. :{ Zith replied quickly. }: He does not like sitting still
and watching and not doing. :{

Enali stayed silent, staring at N'vanik for long minutes until the
door opened and her head whipped to the side. There was a hot hatred
in her eyes as J'ackt stepped in and she bared her teeth; if the
guards had not been holding her firmly, she may have lunged forward,
but instead of becoming uncontrolled, her smile slowly widened into a
toothy, almost-grimace of a smile.

J'ackt looked at her, studying her face and did not recognize the
young woman who faced him and the Weyrleader. "This her? What's this
all about?"

Before N'vanik could respond, Enali snapped back, the grimacing smile
growing on her face. "Grevan was my betrothed. He's dead because of
you." As J'ackt's face hardened, she stared at him. "I wasn't supposed
to tell you. No one is supposed to tell you. But you need to know. Two
drudges are with your child and I carry your spawn just like them. You
have three little daughters in the creche too: Jamori, Ackeloh, and
Shija. For some reason, the Weyrwoman didn't tell you about them." She
saw J'ackt's face pale and with malicious intent, continued before she
could be interrupted. "I carry your spawn too, you piece of wher shit.
And I didn't want you. I was trying for the Weyrleader during a
flight, but you snatched me up and bedded me even though I struggled
against you. I didn't want you and you took me anyway." She spat on
the ground with the half-truth, noticing the green tinge appear around
J'ackt's lips. "If anything happens to me because of this, you get to
know that because of _you_, something's happened to the mother of your
baby. It'll be all... your...fault."

"J'ackt," N'vanik said in a cold voice. "Do not give her the
satisfaction of hurting you." He didn't want to think about how much
damage that wher shit's outburst had done. "She came here to hurt the
Weyr, and now she's aiming at you. She's a weapon, and you know what
to do when a weapon is pointed at you."

After a twitch of his eyelid and a tightening in his jaw, J'ackt's
expression flattened to a blank, cold stare that revealed absolutely
nothing of his thoughts. He blinked slowly and turned to N'vanik. "I
know." Inwardly, his guts were roiling and outside Zith hissed in
response, but J'ackt keep tight control. "Did you need me for
anything else?"

"Will you give me the names now?" N'vanik asked Enali. "Or were you
lying about that?"

}:N'vanik says to tell yours that he is loved and to not forget
that,:{ Loseth said to Zith.

Zith didn't respond immediately, but after a moment gave a silent
acknowledgment that he'd relayed the message. J'ackt moved to stand
near N'vanik, arms crossed over his chest and biceps taut with

Enali smirked at both men, already knowing who would be the someones
that they both could believe. One a traitor to the hold and the other
simply convenient. "Terren. He's been feeding Holders information
about where sweepriders go and their schedules, what schedules are
around here, and any information they ask him for." That was true
enough and once he folded, it would enough to have them believe her
about the traitor. "Furayl. He's from Emerald Falls." Her eyes
narrowed. "He knew everything and was sent here to send back
information. He just Impressed."

"The blue hatchling you almost killed?" N'vanik pictured the scrawny
Candidate he'd Impressed to, and found it hard to imagine Furayl
involved in something so terrible. "No rider would try to kill their
own dragon. You're lying." Terren, though. He was a troublemaker.

"He wasn't supposed to Impress," she spat. "Just send information
to..." She stopped herself and snorted. "He's a traitor to the Hold
and his family. He's no better than you. "

N'vanik zeroed in on the important part. "So you have another name for me."

Enali clamped her lips shut and refused to answer. Instead, she
locked eyes on J'ackt, staring at him with eyes full of scorn and

}: Loseth, mine needs to leave the room. He's wanting to hit and he
won't hit a female, especially one with an egg. He needs to leave. :{

"You can go, J'ackt." N'vanik stared at Enali and imagined how good it
would feel to squeeze her neck until her eyes bulged out. "If you're
done talking then I guess you're no use to me."

J'ackt turned to N'vanik and looked at him for a long moment before
giving a brief nod. He began to walk towards the door, feeling utterly
exhausted. Tired of the conflict and tired never feeling relief from

Before he go to the door, Enali spoke with a smirk at N'vanik, "How's
the Weyrwoman?"

Something in J'ackt snapped. He stiffened, then spun on his feet,
moving past the guards to grab at Enali. Gripping her hair, J'ackt
shook her savagely. "What did you do?"

An instant later, N'vanik grabbed J'ackt's shoulder. "She's
_pregnant_!" he growled. No matter if she was only using the child as
a shield.

Enali wailed in fright and pain, the guards having to hold her
halfway up as her knees buckled. She didn't see the look of disgusted
horror flash over J'ackt's face as she was released abruptly; all of
her bravado crumpled as she began to cry in earnest fear, cringing
away from both men.

Despite his outrage , the moment N'vanik put the restraining hand on
him, J'ackt had released Enali, swallowed and quickly stepped back,
hands shaking from the intensity of his temper. Face pale under his
tan, he glanced briefly at N'vanik and gave a quick nod.

N'vanik didn't fully trust himself around Enali at the moment either.
"I'll go talk to R'ayl," he told J'ackt. "You go talk to Terren. Do
_not_ hurt him, understand?"

"Understood." J'ackt abruptly turned on his heel and left the room,
his strides quick.

One guard spoke as he tried to keep Enali on her feet. "What do you
want us to do with her?"

"Put her in that empty store room." The Weyrleader turned to glare
down at Enali. "The one we used for the last prisoner."

"Yes, Weyrleader. I'll make sure she doesn't go anywhere." The guard
half-carried Enali, taking care not to hurt her, but wasn't
particularly gentle.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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