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On the Lookout for Cloth

Writers: Aaron, Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 15th September 2021

Characters: Brennault, T'lin, V'rel
Description: Brennault finally gets a chance to ask around about the cloth he's been after.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 14 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: J'ackt


When Brennault needed to find something, it was always easiest to
start with people he knew who were closest to him – physically,
emotionally, or both – and branch out from there. To find the cloth he
needed to get the steel he needed to get the sword he needed, he
started at home: Dolphin Cove.

"Hey," he raised his hand to greet T'lin with a smile. "How have you
been doing? How's Calaroth? How's V'rel?"

"Brennault!" T'lin laughed. "We're all doing good."

"Great news!" Brennault answered cheerfully. "Have time to grab a
bite? Or at least a walk and talk?" he wondered. "I'm on a quest."

"Ooh, a quest! Sure, let's go grab lunch." T'lin led the way to the
dining cavern. They got their food and then found some empty seats.
"So what is this quest?"

"I have to bring J'ackt a perfectly balanced, masterwork sword!"
Brennault explained. "He says he'll give me six months of swordplay
lessons if I do. Pretty cool, yeah?"

"It helps that I know a master smith. Well, almost master, anyway. I'm
going to get him the materials, and then he's going to use it as his
masterwork to get his promotion," he went on.

"So, for that, I'll need steel. And I've found someone who will get me
the steel I need, but he wants three bolts of three very specific fine
dress fabric. So that's where I am now."

"What have you been up to?" Brennault smiled broadly and took a giant
bite of his food.

T'lin laughed softly. "That was quite a change in subject. Let's get
back to your quest first. So you're trying to manage all this with
trade, not marks?"

"Well," said Brennault, happy enough to let T'lin steer the
conversation back, "I'm not swimming in marks, but I can manage
tossing in a few once I find a decent ‘starting place’. I'm working
backward from the end, so once I know I can afford the next thing in
the list, that's when I know I'll have found the beginning."

"I keep imagining that I'll manage to trade an amazing hour in the
furs to start with, but that's probably a bit optimistic." He grinned.

T'lin laughed much louder this time. "I'm suddenly wishing I had the
fabric you need." He winked. "But I _do_ happen to be extremely
intimate with a weaver."

"Well," said Brennault, "I'm more than happy to show the both of you a
good time." He grinned. "Truth be told, I'm known to give away amazing
hours in the furs for free."

"I think we should ask V'rel about the fabric first," T'lin said with
a chuckle, his eyes dancing.

"Start mundane, got it." Brennault's smile showed he was joking, but
there was definitely a hint of ‘Unless...?’ behind it. "Do you think
he's got time to join us? Or should we reconvene later?"

"I'll ask." T'lin's eyes unfocused as he communicated with his dragon.

}:Rymeth, is yours busy?:{ Calaroth asked his clutchmate. }:T'lin
would like him to come to the dining cavern. He is eating with the
runner friend who glows and would like yours to join them.:{

}:Mine is free. The friend who glows?:{ Rymeth asked.

In a few minutes, V'rel appeared. "Hi, sorry, I was digging through
the supply caverns and I lost track of time," he said. "Brennault, how
are you?"

"V'rel, I am absolutely fantastic." Brennault beamed at him and
offered a hand. "I am on a quest. How have you and Rymeth been?"

}:His mind glows. He would be good for a hatchling,:{ Calaroth told
Rymeth. }:He is not a Candidate, though,:{ he added with

T'lin half-stood and greeted his weyrmate with a kiss on the cheek
before sitting back down.

V'rel gave T'lin a quick hug before settling in as well, then shook
Brennault's hand. "Rymeth and I are well. What kind of quest?"

Brennault repeated what he said to T'lin without losing a bit of enthusiasm.

"And T'lin says you might know how I can get the cloth I need!"

"As a Weaver, I can definitely help. We can see if anyone at the Weyr
has any, and if not, I can take you to the Weaver Hall to do exchanges
there." He grinned. "Glad I can come in handy."

"I would most definitely appreciate the introduction. What sorts of
things would Weavers take as an exchange for fancy dress fabric?"
Brennault grinned back as his mind went to the gutter over coming in

"Besides marks? Specialty items it's not easy to get ahold of, and it
might depend on the Weaver for that. For someone who does a lot of dye
work, the right herbs to create rare colors would be a good trade. In
fact, Journeyman Sevit does a _ton_ of stuff with dye and he can tell
you all about the right plants that would need to be collected and

"Herbs and plants, I can get a hold of," said Brennault with
confidence. It might take a little while, but whether he gathered them
himself or asked his father for help, he could manage that.

"If it's stuff that grows around here, you'd be in a good position to
find those." T'lin said.

"Yeah, you could either pick them yourself, or find a holder who grows
them, or you could possibly arrange another runner trade for something
local for something further away. Runner networks can work like trader
ones, right?"

"We don't have the same kind of supply chains, but we can still do a
bit of trading amongst ourselves, yeah!" said Brennault. "Once I
figure out what Sevit needs, I'll go from there, but I think once I
get that, I'll only have one more thing to go before I can turn it all
in and get the materials to Lorican."

"Your quest is almost over," T'lin said with a smile.

"And then that's where the fun part starts! Or the soul-crushingly
difficult part. Same thing, right?" Brennault chuckled. He suddenly
wondered whether he should have clarified whether the six months would
pause while he was on the road or not...

"I can get you that introduction whenever you want. Anything else you
need? What's the one last thing?"

"I'm going to get something for the smith's labor," Brennault
explained. "I don't know what yet, but I'm heading back to my dad's
station in a few days, so I'll ask him what he thinks at that point.
What would _you_ two like for your help?" He grinned broadly.

"Hmm, I don't know." T'lin turned to his weyrmate with dark eyes.
"Could Brennault come over tonight?"

"Oh, are we having a dinner guest? A tea party? That sounds like fun,"
V'rel said, grinning. He had a feeling he knew what was meant, but he
was gonna see how long things could be left unspoken.

"We could have dinner, but I was thinking more dessert," T'lin said,
his eyes sparkling.

"I'm all right with that kind of dessert. It's even worth skipping a
meal for." V'rel pushed his plate back.

T'lin grinned at V'rel and then turned his smile on Brennault. "What
do you say to the three of us sharing something indulgent?"

"I wouldn't miss it!" Brennault declared, already excited enough to
forget about most anything else he had on his mind.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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