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Persona Profile: M'van

Writer: Emma

Name: M'van
Age: 38
Birthday: m5 d6
Rank: Weyrdragonhealer
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Master

Physical Description of Persona:
M'van is 5'10, weighing just short of 180lbs. He has blond hair worn slightly longer than most riders, in fact it's long enough to warrant a small ponytail. He has grey eyes and tanned skin from a life spent outside caring for dragons.

Emotional Description of Persona:
M'van is easygoing - he's so laid back that he could almost be described as horizontal. That doesn't mean he's not interested in what is going on,just because he's on the sidelines a lot. It originally got him a reputation as being somewhat aloof and snobby - the 'yeah whatever' attitude doesn't help, but deep down he's an all round nice guy.

History of Persona:
Monarvan was born and raised at Vista Point Weyr, the child of a green rider (Vanna) and a brown rider (Sh'mor). He was fostered by his aunt, who also fostered his siblings. As a choild he was fascinated by his parent's dragons,. and begged them for their permission to ask to become a candidate. They gave it, on the proviso that he also studied a craft just in case he didn't impress. The yound Moravan took to healing, figuring that should he impress then he could switch to being a dragonhealer.

The second impression he stood at, a small blue dragonet made his way to 14 turn old Moravan. M'van was slightly surprised at blue, but being weyrbred he knew what it meant.

Following his training and assignment to a wing, M'van then surprised everyone by announcing his decison to become weyrmated to Luanna, a greenrider who's dragon Kiloth had flown a couple of times.

Luanna bore him a child, Luvan, and all seemed well for the young fanmily, but then one summer rest day they had gone for a riverside picnic. Luvan wandered into the water to paddle, then they heard a scream as he was swept out by the current. Both parents and dragons tried to reach the terrified child, but it was only his lifeless body they could find.

The tragedy broke Luanna and M'van's hearts, and their relationship, which became so bitter, so quickly, each blaming the other for their son's death. It got to the point that M'van could not cope anymore seing reminders of his son's brief life that he requested and was granted a transfer to River Bluff Weyr.

Shortly after arriving at River Bluff, he had a one-night stand as a result of a flight with a Journeywoman Harper called Kitali. She became pregnant as a result of this, and their son was born in m13.

After the events that lead to the closure of River Bluff, M'van was transferred to Dragonsfall. There he knuckled down, working long and hard to get Master's knots as a Dragonhealer. Now he's on the move again, heading to Barrier Lake as the new Weyrdragonhealer.

Family and Friends
Kitali, 33, Senior Journeyman Harper, River Bluff Weyr (Weyrmate)
Sh'mor, 68, Brownrider (Father)
Vanna, 55, Greenrider (Mother)
Luanna, 35, Greenrider (Ex-weyrmate)
Luvan, 9, Weyrbrat (Son - deceased)
Talvan (by Kitali), 10, Weyrbrat (Son)

Dragon's Name: Kiloth
Dragon's Age: 26
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Kiloth is large for a blue, about 30 ft in length the size of a small brown. He is a very dark blue in colour, but his wing tips are slightly lighter in tone.

He is intelligent and friendly, something needed as his rider is a dragonhealer.


Lavender, Blue Firelizard: aged 17, hatched m6 d12
Lavender was named for his colour. As flits go, he has a little more intelligence than most, he's been trained to fetch things that M'van might need when treating an injured dragon.

Approved: August 16th 2005
Last updated: January 30th 2020

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