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Persona Profile: Kasson

Writer: Akias

Name: Kasson
Age: 20
Birthday: m3 d16
Rank: Ship Crew
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Job: Deck Hand
Face Claim: Non-celeb

Physical Description of Persona:
Kasson stands an average height, pale skin commonly burnt red, then tan by long Turns out on the deck of the family's boat. Amused blue eyes are joined by rugged facial features and oh-so-nearly-perfect dirty blonde hair to make a handsome young man. The muscles from working cargo all day don't hurt his looks either.

Depending on who's asked, the rough and ragged tunic and shorts he calls clothes either show off the hard earned muscle and odd scar or make him look a bit tramp like.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A life aboard boat has given Kasson a keen urge to explore the world around him and meet those who call it home. His world presently revolves around the boat, and it gives him the chance to chase new experiences, and then run from the consequences (if needed) on the sailing of his family's vessel.

River-bound, Kasson learned it was never good policy to mouth off to elders and seniors on the boat, but anything goes with peers. Words replaced fists on the boat and while not the quickest wit around, he certainly can hold his own, especially if a pretty young woman comes into sight.

History of Persona:
Son of a seasoned river-boat mate and his wife, Kasson grew up on the boat in the tradition of his father. Not inclined towards learning the technical aspects of river engineering or navigation, he joined the deck crew and has gained the usual scrapes and scars that accompanies such hard work.

Responsible for loading and unloading cargo, assisting passengers with their luggage, and the general day-to-day muck that keeps the boat going, Kasson is always looking forward to the next port. The boat has always been home, and he's learned much of the ways of life on-board from his cousins and other relations.

Kasson's family navigates their riverboat, The Garnet Lady, up and down the river that runs by the now destroyed and abandoned River Bluff Weyr. The building of the new Weyrhold on the upper lake that feeds the river has brought about increased business on their traditional route. This newest stop on their route is quickly becoming one of Kasson's favorites. The hardworking crafters and growing number of dragonriders always make for an exciting port visit.

Every now and again as the dragons fly overhead, he wonders what it might be like to shed the bounds of the river and take wing to somewhere new.

Family and Friends
Kassious, 46, Riverboat Mate (Father)
Sonia, 44, Boat Attendant/Maid (Mother)
Aubrun, 48, Captain of the Garnet Lady (Uncle)

Approved: September 19th 2019
Last updated: September 23rd 2019

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