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Persona Profile: Tasni

Writer: Estelle

Name: Tasni
Age: 28
Birthday: m13 d24
Rank: Junior Journeyman Harper
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Archivist

Physical Description of Persona:
Tasni is a little under average height, but regular travelling has made her strong and fit, with a confident presence. She has light blue eyes and fair hair which she keeps cut just long enough to tie back, and usually dresses in practical, hard-wearing clothing.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Ambitious and determined, Tasni won't let anything or anyone stand in the way of getting what she wants. She doesn't believe that anything can happen to her that she can't figure her way out of and has a penchant for inquiring into matters that don't concern her, the riskier the better. Her self-confidence can be useful, but sometimes gets her into trouble that a more cautious person would have avoided. Tasni is a competent but not outstanding musician, and her main skills as a Harper are quick thinking, her ability to play a variety of roles convincingly and an ear for gossip.

History of Persona:
Tasni's early life was spent with her mother and her weyrmate at Thayan Peak Weyrhold, but both were killed in the earthquake that destroyed it when she was nine. She didn't adjust well to her new foster parents and spent most of her time at the new Weyr getting into trouble and skipping classes. Most people, including Tasni herself, thought she'd become a Candidate, but when she was eleven a new journeyman was posted to the Weyr who saw potential in her and managed to get her interested in the history to be found in the archives. After that, her behaviour improved a little but she didn't think of becoming a harper the journeyman suggested that she be sent to a Hall in the North as an apprentice, where she'd be able to develop her particular abilities.

Her first months there weren't easy, as she wasn't used to Hall life and had less musical training than many of her fellow apprentices, but this motivated her to work hard and eventually she achieved promotion to journeywoman. Since then she has been dividing her time between official journeying as a harper and semi-official intelligence gathering. Her latest assignment is to the Harper Hall at Emerald Falls, officially to study the Hall's archives, but also to gather information on the situation in the Southern Halls and Holds.

Approved: April 3rd 2018
Last updated: March 22nd 2018

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