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Taking a Sick Day

Writers: Aaron, Estelle, Heather
Date Posted: 27th March 2024

Characters: K'far, Ashela, Saibra
Description: Saibra and Ashela are both too sick to lead the Wing into Threadfall, luckily K'far is there to save the day.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 4, day 6 of Turn 11
Notes: Mentioned: Jadirah


}:You don't have another _egg_ in there, do you?:{ Chioneth asked
tentatively as she tried peering one whirling eye into the Weyrwoman's
living quarters.

**No...** Saibra groaned from where she was hugging a bedpan. **I
mean... I don't think so...** As she glanced at herself in the mirror,
she could only describe her skin color with one word - green. **Green!**
Just the thought of the color sent her hurling into the bedpan again.

Chioneth shuffled back out to her weyrledge and stretched her neck out,
elevating her head high in the air so that she could peer down at the
practice fields. }:The Wings are beginning to gather for Threadfall.:{

**Threadfall.** She could feel Chioneth's anxiety over being left on the
ground during Threadfall. 'When Thread is in the sky', and all that other
noble stuff about why dragons fly.

**I can't. Tell Aglayath that her rider will need to lead the Wing in
'fall today.** Saibra told Chioneth, crawling on her hands and knees
towards the water pitcher.

Aglayath's voice cut through the fog in her rider's mind like a
painfully bright ray of sunlight in a watchwher's den. }:Chioneth says
that we must lead the Wing today.:{

The goldrider groaned and leaned against the wall of her weyr, not sure
if she could stand upright, let alone fight Thread at the head of the
queens' wing. Usually Ashela would have been eager for the chance, but
she'd spent half the night with a roiling belly, alternately shivering
under her furs and staggering to the bathing room to empty her stomach.
She had managed to drag herself up and into her riding gear, but her
hair still hung loose and lank around her shoulders and Aglayath's
riding straps were still on their peg.

**Why today?!** She struggled to think, her head feeling as though it
was stuffed with wool. **Is she sick too?** At Aglayath's affirmative
answer, she felt a coil of worry in the pit of her stomach. Although she
felt almost too ill to care, if neither she nor Saibra could lead the
wing, who would?

**I've got to fly.** She gathered her strength and managed the few steps
to where the straps hung, but once there, she could only cling onto them
for support before sliding down to sit with her back against the wall
and rested her head in her hands. **Oh, shards, I can't. You've got to
tell Chioneth.** Had it been something they both ate? She tried to
remember what had been served to the goldriders the night before, but
even the thought of food made the bile rise in her throat and
half-crouched, half-ran back to the bathing room. **Tell her I can't.**

}:We have a problem:{ Chioneth reported back to Saibra, who was rinsing
her mouth out with water.

**What is it?**

}:Aglayath's is sick as well.:{

**How sick?**

}:I think you two both must have consumed a rotten wherry.:{ Chioneth

Uuugghhhhh!! _Rotten_ wherry? Just the image of it sent Saibra
scrambling back to the bedpan, barely making it in time to wretch some more.


The gold had the decency to sound sheepish. }:Oh, right. So... should I
contact Torth's?:{

**Yes, tell K'far he's leading the Wing today.**


}:K'far. We must lead the wing today.:{

**What? What's happened?**

}:Both Chioneth's and Aglayath's riders areā€" and I believe this is the
proper healercraft termā€" barfing their guts out.:{

**Gross. Are they all right?**

}:They only asked that you lead the wing. Surely, they will recover once
they have emitted the remainder of their viscera.:{

**Torth, yuck, buddy.**

When the time came to muster the wing, K'far was significantly more
diplomatic and less icky when taking charge and relaying to the Queen's
Wing the reason for the Weyrwoman's and her second's absence.

}:You may both rest easily while you care for your riders,:{ said Torth
to the golds. }:We will handle everything. Is there anyone we can send
to help you?:{ The brown assumed they could call their own assistance,
but it was better to be sure the knew he had considered them.

Ashela had made it back to the bed and was slowly peeling off her riding
gear, trying to focus on not heaving up any more of her stomach.

**Absolutely not,** she replied to the question Aglayath passed on. No
one was going to see her looking any less than perfect, unless it was a
matter of life or death. Though it didn't feel far off from that... She
collapsed onto the mattress and pulled the furs over her head with a groan.

There was a pause before Aglayath replied to Torth, sounding less
haughty than usual. }:Thank you. But I think my rider wants to rest

In her weyr, Saibra lay on the floor beside the bedpan, having pulled a
blanket from the bed overtop of her. **Thank Torth and his rider. Tell
him I'll meet with him tomorrow, hopefully, for a full report on the

}:He also asks if there is anyone you would have sent to your weyr.:{
Chioneth dutifully relayed.

**No, let Torth and K'far focus on Threadfall. You can tell Jadirah to
send an apprentice healer up here with some broth and crackers.**

The senior queen looked again towards the practice fields where Sienna
Wing was now gathering under the leadership of its Wingsecond. }:Clear
skies, Torth.:{

}:They will be soon!:{ Torth answered.

Last updated on the March 28th 2024

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