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The Perfect Accord

Writers: Avery, Estelle
Date Posted: 14th September 2021

Characters: M'gan, Irrkali
Description: Jeath's rise has a positive outcome.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 7, day 19 of Turn 10

Irrkali woke up irritable in the morning. Her sleep overnight had been
fitful. According to the timekeeper by her bedside, she'd woke up every
candlemark or two, not even to use the chambers but just because her
sleep was so restless. She was overheating and her dreams were vivid and
full of running after something or being ran after. She stepped out of
her bedroom, into the main chamber of the weyr, and out to the ledge to
see what time it was. Dawn was breaking, Rukbat coming up over the
horizon and causing Jeath's hide to shimmer in the light. With that,
Irrkali understood - she'd rise this morning. A touch of her mind to her
dragon's indicated while she was deeply asleep, it wouldn't be for long.

No point in bathing when she'd just get sweaty again, but she did twist
her hair up into a quick runner's tail, pull on an old tunic and skirt
that were comfortable for lounging around in and she didn't mind
anything happening to, and then walk down to the Dining Cavern. She ate
some bread slathered with jam that the kitchen staff had out for early
risers, then went down to the feeding pens to wait.

Soon enough, Jeath's mind stirred in hers as the green awoke, possessed
by the need to mate. She stood up on her weyrcouch, unfurling her wings
and stretching out legs and tail cramped from her curled nap, then leapt
to glide to the pens. She savaged two wherries and drank from them as
Irrkali corralled her to drink the blood, only the blood. She wanted
them to fly far and high, so that this would be a long flight.

Part of her mind was on the others she saw gathering to blood their own
kills, assessing who was after to. Blue and brown dragons formed the
bulk of the chasers, but she saw one young bronze. But where was the one
she was hoping for?

In his weyr, Isarth awoke from a light sleep, his instincts alerting him
to the call of the rising green. His eyelids flicked back and he raised
his head, muscles moving and stretching in ripples beneath the bronze
hide. Feeling his lifemate's drowsy question, he reached out with his
mind, stirring the bronzerider to wakefulness. }:Jeath rises!:{

The surge of enthusiasm was instant, and Isarth rose from his couch and
emerged into the warm morning light. His eyes locked onto the vivid
patch of green below them in the Weyrbowl as M'gan hastened out after
him, his shirt buttons half undone and his hair tousled from sleep.
}:Hurry. She will not wait.:{

M'gan scrambled up to his back, gripping a neck ridge as Isarth sprang
from his ledge and glided down towards the feeding pens. They were just
in time, the green casting aside the drained body of a second wherry as
they landed. He slid down and ran across to join the gathering riders,
catching a glimpse of the bronze leaping into the air before the hot
taste of blood filled his throat. **You can catch her, Isarth.** He
touched his dragon's mind, sharing all his hope and longing to
experience a mating flight with Jeath's rider.

}:I _will_ catch her.:{ The bronze growled, flung his kill aside and
crouched, poised to spring into the air the moment Jeath took flight. He
was one of the older dragons there, but he was wily and strong and he
felt their shared purpose and desire coursing through his veins like
fire. He would win her.

Irrkali saw a second bronze join at the last moment and her lips curved,
pleased, when she recognized him. **Jeath, choose him,** she thought,
before she surrendered to her green's rise.

Jeath snorted mentally at her rider's insistence on choice. She would
choose who _she_ wanted. Her wings shimmered in the light as she soared
in the sky, diving to skim along a river for a bit before rising back
up. She would not be caught so low, not an experienced green like her.
Then she danced through the wispy cloud layer that the rising sun was
burning off for a time, using it to obscure her movements and hopefully
shake off some of the unworthy from the pack.

When her wings tired, she risked a glance over her shoulder. The cloud
cover trick had worked as intended. The young bronze had dropped out, as
had several of the blues and browns. Remaining was one bronze with a
fine look to his deep hide and good muscles, two browns, one young and
sleek, one older and solid, and a smattering of blues both young and

A grounded part of her yearned for the bronze. The winged part demanded
that the best prove himself worthy. She banked towards an open field,
where the thermal rose from it and helped shoot her further into the sky
so she could look at the pack from above. Most of them were still below
her, looking around for where she'd gone, but two were out of sight.

Then, out of the clearing sky, a shadow fell across her hide. The
green's clever move had left the younger dragons perplexed, but Isarth,
used to navigating the tricky air currents of the High Reaches with
skill, guessed at her plan and seized his chance. Anticipating her
flight, his strong wingbeats had pushed him higher and faster even than
his nearest rival, the older brown, and now he was perfectly placed to
dive and catch Jeath, enfolding her in his wings with a triumphant roar.

Far below, M'gan hardly noticed the disappointed riders turning away as
his dragon's passion fused with his. There was only Irrkali, and he drew
her to him, his lips meeting hers in a burning kiss.

Irrkali wrapped her arms around him and scraped her nails down his neck
as she nipped at his neck, begging him wordlessly to take her. She was
dimly aware of how they got to the flight rooms, stumbling along and
pulling M'gan with her and being pulled by him in exchange. She tugged
at his clothes and pulled at his shirt, desperate for their bare skin to
touch. When she was on her back on the flight cot, pulling him down
against her, her whole body inflamed with desire, she sucked a
love-mark on his neck and bit at his shoulder, desperately.

M'gan gasped, his mind still fused with Isarth's as his neck and tail
twined with Jeath's, while far below he claimed her rider, her lithe,
strong body moving with his, his fingers tangling in the loosened
strands of her dark hair. Long experience of sharing his lifemate's
victorious flights had taught him to temper frenzied lust with control
even as she arched against him and bit, to draw out and heighten each
moment of pleasure before he gave himself up, at last, to their wild

Much later, he returned to himself, sated, sensing all the pleasant
aches of a long, hard-won flight. He turned on his side, letting the
tips of his fingers trail lightly over cooling skin, and smiled as her
eyes opened. "Hello."

She shivered at the caress of fingertips over skin. "Mmm...hello. Is
Isarth pleased with himself?"

"Very." M'gan reached out, feeling Isarth's sleepy mind where he lay
entwined with his mate. "And proud. He needed all his strength and skill
to catch a green as clever as Jeath." He met her gaze, with hope and a
little uncertainty in his eyes. "Are you pleased?"

It felt like this was an inevitable moment, the two of them together in
bed. From that first work dinner which hadn't been work as much as
enjoyment, the way she'd felt drawn towards him. "I was hoping for
Isarth. And for you," she told him.

M'gan's smile was swift and boyish. "You were?" Encouraged, he let his
fingers run down her spine and up again. "I wanted him to catch, very
much. I think he knew it, too."

He glanced over at the window, where a ray of morning light filtered
through the shutters and warmed his skin. "It's still early. You don't
have anywhere you need to be, do you?" His wingriders could definitely
manage without him for a day, but he wasn't so sure about the

"They say the dragon decides and the rider complies, but I think there
was perfect accord between the four of us."

At his invitation, she half-closed her eyes and reached out to a sleepy
Jeath to check. "Ah...they'll be fine, they're in good hands at the
moment." When his finger came close enough, she turned her head to flick
her tongue out to lick it.

"In good hands?" His grin was as mischievous as a weyrbrat's as he
lightly brushed his finger across her mouth. "Not as good as the ones
I'm in." Then he leaned closer, slowly tasting her lips with his, the
heat of the flight's aftermath starting to rise in him again.
"Mmm...definitely not."

"So let's not think about our responsibilities, and just think about
each other's hands." She stroked one up his back and kneaded at his
shoulder to encourage him.

At her touch, M'gan knew he'd have a hard time thinking about anything
else. "Responsibilities? What responsibilities?" he murmured as his own
hands slid slowly, teasingly down the smooth curve of her body. Right
now, he only had one, and that was here in the flight cot, with Irrkali
in the warm sensual afterglow of Jeath's flight.

Last updated on the October 1st 2021

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