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Officially Weyrmates?

Writers: Aaron, Heather
Date Posted: 7th March 2021

Characters: T'ner, F'aen
Description: T'ner and F'aen settle into their new weyr at Barrier Lake
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 8, day 10 of Turn 10

“So does this officially makes us weyrmates?” F’aen asked as he swung a sack full of their packed belongings down from his shoulder and set it on the floor of their new weyr at Barrier Lake.

"Is this what does it?" T'ner chuckled. "I thought it was that amazing sex we had in your old weyr after we confessed our love for each other, and we promised to share a weyr. But. If you want to count today to remember for our anniversary, that's OK with me." He smiled and leaned in. "Today is a happy day all day."

"Alright, come here. I'm going to sweep you off your feet and carry you to the bedroom. It'll be flaming romantic." T'ner grinned from ear to ear at his new weyrmate. His true weyrmate.

“You carry me?” F’aen scoffed. “I’ll carry you.... or we can flip for it.” The greenrider grinned, half of his brain still preoccupied with thoughts of the amazing sex that T’ner brought up. They would certainly need to ‘break in’ every inch of their new place.

"You can carry me if you insist," said T'ner. He grinned, but he still blushed. "If you have a mark to flip, call it in the air. And if you don't, well. Then I guess you'll just have to flip me over."

Not waiting for T’ner to protest, he slung the greenrider over his shoulder, carried him through their mostly empty weyr, and then deposited him on the bed. “How’s that for a flip?” F’aen growled playfully, covering T’ner’s body with his own as he nipped at the junction of the bluerider’s neck.

T'ner shivered – this time at more than just the frigid weather of their new home – and moaned softly. "Perfect," he said, wrapping his arms and legs around F'aen. This was like some kind of fantasy out of a Harper's tale. Well, out of a baudy tale you might hear out on the road at a tavern or waystation, anyway. Much better, and still romantic.

F'aen's teeth on his skin even kept him from thinking about the day he had carried Ayressa into their new quarters at Dolphin Cove.

“Mhmm, I could stay here the rest of the day.” F’aen pressed a kiss to T’ner’s neck. “But then we’ll never get unpacked.”

"I think I'm going to have to get all new clothes, anyway – it's freezing here," T'ner chuckled as his skin broke into goosebumps, and he massaged F'aen's shoulders.

"Should we see how fast we can get unpacked and then reward ourselves by breaking in the bed? Or should we strike that and reverse it?"

The greenrider pushed himself back to his feet and then held his hand out to T’ner. “Let’s unpack. You are right about the clothes, we’re going to need some long sleeved and wool.”

T'ner took the hand and smiled bright-eyed up at F'aen as he helped him stand. He was a _touch_ disappointed to have to wait until after they had been responsible before they had sex, but it was really the better decision. They probably would not be much in the mood for unpacking after that.

"It's good we'll be able to keep each other warm at night."

He stole a kiss and then went to the pile of packed up things and began to poke through it to see where they should start.

“Oh, I’ll keep you warm.” F’aen winked at T’ner, already picturing just how he would do it.

Sorting through boxes, F’aen folded and stuffed clothes in a dresser. “We’ll need to swing by a gather or catch a trader’s caravan to get some things to decorate with.”

"What did you have in mind?" T'ner's old weyr had been pretty sparsely decorated, and he clearly did not have much of a sense of style.

"For decorating. Not keeping me warm. I have a feeling I know how that'll go." He grinned.

“Rugs, tapestries, curtains... doo-dads.” F’aen said, gesturing at the floors and walls.

T'ner covered his mouth as he giggled for a moment.

"Heheh. Doo-dads," he finally managed to say. "We will get the most beautiful weavings. And doo-dads. I'll ask my brother if he can help."

“Well, all the clothes are tucked away. Why don’t we go down to the weavers and see what clothes they have to offer? I don’t want to show up to wingdrills tomorrow and freeze my butt off the whole time.”

"That's probably a good idea," T'ner admitted. "Much as I don't want to go out into the cold again." He sighed contentedly and pulled F'aen in to give him a kiss. "Well. Let's get it done."

Last updated on the March 9th 2021

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