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Brother In Deed

Writers: Aaron, Heather
Date Posted: 4th March 2021

Characters: K'don, R'nar
Description: K'don brings snacks to R'nar to try to comfort him after Ranni's death.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 8, day 26 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Reyela, K'deren, K'reyel, Ranni, Vonalie, K'sedel, R'lor


K'don never knew what to say or do when these things happened. But that rarely stopped him from wanting to say or do something especially for his friends and family. His view of family might have been a bit broader than some, but that never changed his view, either. So he started with the easy part.

**Mash, will you ask Iorath if R'nar will let me come over?**

}:Hello, Iorath,:{ the brown Maciath greeted Iorath. }:My rider K'don has gathered a meal. A snack, truly. Some cheese, pickles, dried meat. He would like to share them with your rider. To give him a small joy while he is bereft. May we come to see you?:{

R'nar wasn't surprised, honestly, when Iorath passed along the message. He'd been contacted by several of his siblings and cousins following Ranni's death. In some ways, it was humbling to see the support from his family and extended family.

}:Yes, come, I'll make room for you on my ledge.:{ Iorath said to the brown.

Fortunately, Reyela had been by a couple of days before to help him clear Ranni's things out of the weyr. The place was a little emptier, but neat and clean.

Maciath landed not much later, and K'don slid down with his basket of snacks. Along with what Maciath mentioned, there were also a few crusts of bread and some butter.

"Hello, Iorath," he greeted the bronze. "Thanks." He reached out with his free hand to offer scratchies.

}:I thank you as well for the welcome,:{ said Maciath. }:Is there anything I can do to help you?:{ He wondered how much anyone had bothered to comfort R'nar's dragon, too.

}:I am well.:{ Iorath responded, blessed by a dragon's short term memory not to hold on to loss for too long.

"Thanks for coming, K'don," R'nar said as his step-brother came into the weyr. "You can set the basket here," he tapped the table where he sat.

K'don set the basket down and then rocked awkwardly back and forth on his feet for a moment.

"Erm. Hug?" he asked.

"Come on," R'nar said, lifting an arm. Funny, he thought, that the first thing Reyela had offered when she visited was a hug. Apparently the K'deren and K'reyel family was a hugging family.

K'don relaxed with relief and then hugged R'nar. There were never any words that could make this easier. Words were air to him when Vonalie died. What could a child know about duty? He only knew that the woman he had begun to see as his mother was gone and could not come back. It may have been over eight Turns ago, but K'don had always remembered the day his father had told him. Could never forget it.

And now R'nar would always remember the day he learned about Ranni. And even a man who knew about risk and duty and honor could not let go of a loved one without sorrow. K'don thought that Eranar was lucky. He would never remember a time when he had his birth mother. Just like K'don did not remember his.

"Are you hungry?" he asked as he finally let R'nar go.

"I haven't had much of an appetite lately," R'nar admitted, taking a seat at the table. "So I should force myself to eat something. Why don't you tell me what you have been up to lately while we eat?" That way there would be no awkward silences, and hopefully, no conversation about Ranni.

"Well." K'don joined him at the table. "I met with the new weyrlingmaster third," he said. "He seemed like he's happy to have the job, so that's nice."

He reached out and grabbed a hunk of cheese. He would have to make a very careful point not to gripe about his jobs and which job he wished he could do. This was about R'nar, not him.

"And he seems to think I've got a good attitude about my job helping him. I couldn't tell whether he knows that I'm K'sedel's grandson or not... but that's good, right?"

"Yeah, I would imagine so. That means he's interested in you because of your talents and not because of K'sedel.... Why is the third doing the interviews?" R'nar asked, having been so out of it lately that he honestly had no clue what was going on in the Weyr around him.

"He's new and wanted to get to know who he's working with. And I dunno, maybe he wanted me to feel like part of the team or whatever," said K'don. He felt much more at home in the dragon infirmary than he did with the weyrlingstaff.

R'nar nodded slowly. "Are you going to be working more with the Weyrlings now instead of in the infirmary?" he asked, nearly along the same lines as K'don's thoughts.

"I don't think they're asking me to do anything different," said K'don. "But I still do drills and stuff with the weyrlings. Sometimes they use me as an example for lessons. And I fly with the weyrlings who ferry firestone for the first half of Fall before switching to the infirmary. So I don't get rusty with the training."

"I did tell R'lor that I would help with whatever he needs."

The bronzerider nodded slowly, forcing some of the food down despite the protests of his stomach. "You have your cousin Reyela to thank for my clean weyr," he said with a hint of a grin as he gestured around. "She came by a few days ago and mucked the place out."

K'don smiled to hear of Reyela.

"I don't see her as much as I used to when I worked in the stables," he said. Speaking of mucking out. "I'm glad she was thinking of you. Or maybe she just smelled you from down in the bowl." He smiled at R'nar to show he was joking.

"Oh, I don't doubt it. It was pretty rank in here, and so was I." R'nar scratched at the day's worth of stubble on his jawline. "She handled it like a champ, though. I needed the help. Boxing up Ranni's things..." his voice had grown thick as he got to her name. He shook his head. "Anyway, it was nice to have someone else take care of it."

"I'm... I'm sorry I didn't call sooner. I guess I just... thought you'd need a little space at first. You can always ask me for help," said K'don. He had waited long enough for his cousin to come up and clean the place, anyway.

"Some of my old clutchmates and I are going to go play waterball at the beach soon. If you want to come with." He took a big bite of cheese. He would not blame R'nar if he did not want to spend leisure time with his younger brother, but if anyone needed a bit of distracting company, it was him.

R'nar shook his head. "That's okay, thanks for the invite. It's still fresh enough that people would just feel awkward around me."

K'don nodded. He would have been surprised if R'nar had actually accepted, anyway.

"I can keep bringing you dinner. If you want to be alone for a little while," he offered.

Now that was an idea, R'nar thought, being able to avoid the Dining Cavern by having K'don bring him meals. "That would be amazing, actually. If you're sure it wouldn't be too much of a bother."

"It's no bother at all," K'don assured him. "I'll bring you something every night until you're ready to go back. I'd say we should have a beer together or something, but you know. Too young and all that."

"When you're old enough for one, I'll take you," R'nar promised, knowing that was something that brothers did.

K'don smiled, already looking forward to it.

"Thanks. It'll be here before you know it." Everyone kept saying that to him, after all.

Last updated on the March 9th 2021

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