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Keeping Busy

Writers: Heather, Miriah
Date Posted: 4th March 2021

Characters: K'lvin, Ninaine
Description: Ninaine offers her services to K'lvin
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Date: month 8, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Kapera, Jayzine, Teseada


There was a quiet knock on the Weyrlingmaster's door as Ninaine took
in the freshly built Weyrling barracks. It was so different than
Dragonsfall's, but the classrooms and the sight of neatly made bunks
brought a sense of nostalgia.

"Come in," K'lvin called as he finished filling in the Weyrling lesson
plans for the rest of the month in the ledger that he kept.

Ninaine stepped into the office and recalled with a slight smile how
often she'd been called into a similar office as a weyrling.
"Weyrlingmaster K'lvin?" She stepped forward, offering her hand, then
handed him a sheaf of hides. "I'm Ninaine, rider of green Luneth, just
transferred in from Dragonsfall. Kapera thinks I could be of use to
you from time to time."

"Well met," K'lvin said automatically to her greeting. "Have a seat,"
he gestured. "What does the Weyrwoman think you could do for me?"

Ninaine took the offered seat and took a steady breath before
explaining. "I worked with weyrlings at Dragonsfall, in particular,
the holdbred weyrlings that were having trouble adapting to weyrlife.
I had some similar issues that caused a lot of problems for Luneth and
I. I also taught weyrlings how to sew their harnesses properly. "

The Weyrlingmaster made mental notes as she spoke. “Are you going to
be joining the Weyrling staff or flying in a fighting Wing and helping
out from time to time?”

"Luneth and I are retired from the fighting wings. She had a bad wing
injury and her wing can't take the strain of fighting Thread." Ninaine
had accepted that Luneth would likely never be able to fly Fall again,
though her dragon still struggled and wanted to fight. "I'll not be
in the Weyrling staff full time either. I'll be helping Jayzine,
Kapera, and Teseada in their duties as well. "

K'lvin had never heard of one person tending to both Weyrwomen and the
Headwoman as well, and then toss in Weyrlings on top of it. "It sounds
like you will have your hands rather full," he said, although there
was a slight hint of approval, since K'lvin had always enjoyed work
and being busy himself.

"I prefer to stay useful." Ninaine agreed. "But I do like helping with
the Weyrlings and some of them from outside of the Weyr might need
guidance from someone who also experienced the change in lifestyle. It
might help them adjust."

The Weyrlingmaster certainly wouldn't look a gift-runner in the mouth.
"We have a couple of new Weyrlings right now that could need some of
that guidance, I believe." K'lvin certainly knew the "right words" to
say to the hold and hallbred Weyrlings, but Ninaine was of the age and
experience to actually relate to them.

Ninaine nodded. "I'll be happy to help with them. I also heard some
things about the assistant at Dragonsfall who taught the Weyrlings how
to sew their straps. I think I can do a good job with that here."

"Absolutely," K'lvin agreed. "The next schedule I make out, I'll fill
you in on one of the dates and then I'll send it to you to see if
you're available?"

Ninaine nodded. "That sounds like a good idea. And any other classes
that you might need help with as well? I know with clutches starting
the classes are going to be very busy and I don't mind helping as much
as needed."

"I think I have everything I need, for the moment." K'lvin had already
been in contact with different dragonriders to come in and be guest
instructors to different Candidate lessons.

"Alright, if the situation changes or needs change or anything, we can
work from there I suppose."

K'lvin gave a nod. "Absolutely. Thank you for coming by, Ninaine, and
offering your services."

Last updated on the March 9th 2021

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