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Persona Profile: K'lvin

Writer: Heather

Name: K'lvin
Age: 51
Birthday: m13 d25
Rank: Weyrlingmaster
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Face Claim: Hugh Jackman

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (February 2019)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (February 2019)

Physical Description of Persona:
K'lvin is six foot one and weighs just over two hundred pounds. The bronzerider has a broad set of shoulders and a frame that has thickened with age. Every bit of it is kept in shape, however. You'll not find an ounce of fat on this dragonrider's body. He has dark auburn hair, shoulder length that he usually wears down, and pale green eyes. K'lvin's face is square with a defined jawline. A couple days worth of stubble is typical on his face but otherwise he keeps a rather neat and trim appearance. Despite having been a dragonrider for several Turns, K'lvin has no major scars to speak of other than a few flecks along his arms from ash burns.

Emotional Description of Persona:
K'lvin is a reformed bed hopper, something that came easily to him when he was a young bronzerider, a position that easily wooed many a lower caverns worker and hold girl alike. K'lvin is fairly frank and to the point and has often been accused of being blunt- he doesn't mind though, he often likes the stunned expression people get on their faces when he speaks.

After suffering a heart attack and being forced to retire early, K'lvin has had difficulty finding his own self-value and worth around the Weyr. Not being able to fly Thread has effected the way he views himself as a dragonrider and as a man. K'lvin is also a worker in every sense of the word, when he's not busy and doing something that he finds fulfilling he becomes melancholy.

History of Persona:
K'lvin was born in the Dragonsfall Weyrhold, to dragonrider parents. He was expected to Impress and did not disappoint them. At thirteen he Impressed his bronze Xmrenth. Without thread K'lvin found himself with time on his hands after weyrling training and chose to train as a dragonhealer. The craft suited both himself and his dragon. It also lead to a long term, relationship with a fellow dragonhealer, Cylena. K'lvin curtailed his bed hopping habits drastically, reserving his other liaisons for flights for Cylena.

Early in Turn three Cylena approached K'lvin and expressed her opinion that her goals had changed, since she hadn't Impressed and she no longer wished to remain at Dragonsfall. The bronzerider accepted her decision to leave, and to prove that there where no hard feelings, helped her move away.

For a while after Cylena left K'lvin was sure that she would wish to return, but that was to never happen. Nine months after she left, Cylena sent a message to K'lvin that she wished to see him. And when he arrived it was to find that Cylena had born him a daughter. Despite the betrayal that he felt, K'lvin and Cylena remained on civil terms so that he could see his daughter, Kylena.

Fast forward 8 Turns and K'lvin made the decision to transfer to River Bluff Weyr, but he did not travel alone. An ailing Cylena, by some stroke of fortune for K'lvin, agreed to let their daughter move with K'lvin to River Bluff Weyr.

While at River Bluff K'lvin met and fell in love with a woman much younger than he, Bahji. She was a blind weaver student who he found entrancing and more importantly, she loved him in return in a way that Cylena never had. Together Bahji and K'lvin had one daughter, Kaliha before the tsunami that destroyed River Bluff also claimed Bahji's life in a cave-in.

K'lvin and his two daughters moved to Dolphin Cove after the close of River Bluff. Not long after his move to Dolphin Cove K'lvin suffered a heart attack that left lasting nerve damage, preventing him from being able to fly Threadfall.

When the project at Barrier Lake began, K'lvin was asked by K'ran, the acting Lord Weyrholder, to accompany and help oversee construction within the dragon infirmaries. After the first gold rose and chose the new Weyrleader, K'lvin was offered a position as Weyrlingmaster and accepted, relieved to once again have duty and purpose.

Family and Friends
Bahji, 21, Weyr Resident, NPC Weyr (deceased weyrmate)
Cylena, 46, Senior Journeywoman Healer (ex weyrmate)
Kylena, 13, Weyrbrat (daughter)
Kaliha, 3, Weyrbrat (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Xmrenth
Dragon's Age: 37
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Xmrenth is a dark, honey colored bronze with hints of a chocolatey brown beneath his wings and tail. Although only mid-sized for a bronze, Xmrenth is proportioned beautiful with a compact body build and musculature. The bronze is just as blunt as his dragonrider, but may harbor a better sense of humor.


Sir, Blue Firelizard: aged 2, hatched m10 d7
Sir is a vibrant azure firelizard. He is average in size, and has a sassy attitude that makes him quite entertaining. Sir is about as intelligent as a blue firelizard can be, easily distracted, but also able to complete basic tasks.

Approved: February 7th 2006
Last updated: February 25th 2020

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