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Bonus Locations for December 2021
Persona: Vintner Hall
Posting: Harper Hall, Sunstone Seahold


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Bilpen's Stories (1 - 9, most recent first)

The Team Assembles
A meeting of the Barrier Lake leadership team.
Writers: Avery, Emma, Estelle, Heather, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: K'ran, Jayzine, D'hol, Teseada, Ashela, Kapera, Bilpen, K'lvin, N'call

New Posting
Lorican arrives at Barrier Lake
Writers: Estelle, Suzee
Characters: Lorican, Bilpen, Jayzine

The Riverboat Garnet Lady pulls into Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Writers: Akias, Suzee
Characters: Kasson, Bilpen, Kassious, Aubrun

Feels Like Home
F'lin takes a trip to the future Barrier Lake Weyr
Writers: Yvonne
Characters: F'lin, Bilpen

A day of getting
Mealden receives a gold firelizard egg and gets a new job.
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: Mealden, Bilpen, Merien, H’lim, Rielda

Beautiful New Building
The Dining Hall at BLW is complete and residents begin to move in
Writers: Suzee
Characters: Jayzine, Bilpen

Much More Progress
Overview of the Weyrhold project.
Writers: Avery, Suzee
Characters: K'ran, Timassa, Bilpen

Gaining Resources, Making Plans
New resources discovered and grand plans discussed.
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Bilpen, Avcan

Arriving Crafters
The first Crafters come to build the new Weyrhold
Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Dunrik, Bilpen

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