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Triad Weyrs is a Dragonriders of Pern Play-By-Email Club

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It is currently month 13 of Turn 11  (Jan - Feb 2024)

21st Jun 24: Sneakiest Bronze on Pern

19th Jun 24: A Little Odd

19th Jun 24: Disgusting

19th Jun 24: Regret

18th Jun 24: Threadfall

Established in February of 2000, Triad Weyrs is post-AIVAS and set in 10th Pass Pern. AIVAS' plan failed and during the 1,200 Turn Interval, Pern nearly forgot that Thread existed. With technology levels similar to the 1800s of Earth, not everything taught by the ancient machine has been lost, even with the return of the old menace, Thread. In Triad's timeline, the Southern Continent has thrived with Weyrs, Holds and Halls, although women don't always have the same rights that they do in the Northern Continent. The return of Thread, however, has given women in the South a chance to regain some of those rights as they become dragonriders and crafters once again.

Triad operates on a strict canon basis that maintains traditional dragon colors: Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue and Green. For more information on joining, use the links above to learn more about us, or come and hang out with us at the forum. See you soon!

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