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Time to Move On

Writers: Suzee, Len
Date Posted: 6th June 2024

Characters: G'wen, K'ale
Description: Goodbye Dragonsfall
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 9, day 2 of Turn 11



G’wen looked around the now empty weyr. How many turns had this once
cosy room been his home? All he knew was E’naer. The way he always
knew when G’wen was having a bad day, the gentle way he cuddled at
night, the spicy scent of him. But now it was all gone.

}:And so should we:{

G’wen stifled a sob and turned to the big green. She lowered her head
and crooned at him. }:It’s time for a new start:{

Dusk, his tiny bronze flit, rubbed his cheek against G’wen’s own and
wrapped his tail around the young man’s neck. Even Marli looked sad,
from his familiar spot on Neath’s headknobs. G’wen shouldered his few
possessions and let Neath help him onto her shoulders. He had already
said his good-byes to his closest friends and family, but there was
one person he hadn’t been able to see yet.

It was to K’ale’s weyr that Neath flew to.

"G'wen?" K'ale said as he saw Neath. "Hey," he smiled until he saw the
look on his friend's face. "What's wrong?"

G’wen slid off Neath’s shoulder and squeezed his old friend’s shoulder.

“I…well…E’naer and me…” G’wen wrinkled his nose up. He was beyond
tears now. “Anyhoo…I think it’s time to move on. I’ve asked for a
transfer to Barrier Lake.” And I wanted to say good-bye, he added in
his head. But those words couldn’t get around the lump in his throat.
K’ale was almost like his brother. Certainly clutch brothers.

Neath crooned and touched noises with Imalkyth. }:Mine is sad to lose
his mate, brother. And he’s always in pain with this cold weather. So
we go:{ She would miss being part of the queen’s wing and protecting
her beautiful golds, but her lifemate’s happiness came first. And he
was not happy. Her usually vibrant hide even reflected G’wen’s

Imalkyth rubbed his head against her neck in sympathy. }: We are sorry
for yours, :{ clutch sister, he said.

K'ale nodded and held out his hand though he noticed the calluses
on his palm were a bit hard after his recent work in the smithy.
"You don't have to say it," he pulled G'wen into a hug. "Sometimes
things happen and you're just a thought away."

G’wen let himself be pulled into the big hug. In a flash came all the
fun moments he and K’ale had had together, from their days as
candidates to weyrlinghood and flying wings. “It’s time for a fresh
start,” he said to his friend. “I need a change, and Barrier Lake has
given me permission to come. Neath is even going to be in one of the
high altitude wings.” He managed a grin at that thought. Poor Neath
would be away from the golds. He briefly touched his shoulder, where
the old thread scar was. “And this thing isn’t getting any more
comfortable with all the blizzards and rain we get here. A bit of sun
sounds nice.”

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he couldn't help the sympathy he
remembered what his mother had gone though. "I'm glad you'll be
getting up in the high altitudes. I know you've always wanted that."

“As long as we’ve been in the queen’s wing I’ll probably be afraid of
heights.” A touch of G’wen’s humour crept through. If he thought about
it, yes, it was going to be scary. So he wouldn’t think too much about
it. He looked around K’ale’s weyr and took in some of the evidence
that a baby was here. “We’ve come a long way, eh? I wonder where
Cardella is these days.” And Delria and all the others who had once
been candidates and weyrlings together. “ I suppose we all move on, or
die trying to save this place.”

"Oh," K'ale closed his eyes. "what I wouldn't give for a couple of
those frosted sweet rolls she used to make. Especially hot right out
of the oven. Am I right?"

“Oh, I know!” G’wen grinned at the memory. “I just hope that she’s
still making them, wherever she is these days. At this rate, you and
S’vin are going to be the only ones left here from our weyrling
class.” His mind went back to their old days when S’vin used to try to
chat K’ale up. He added, “you’re on your own with him now, good luck

K'ale just shook his head and grinned. "Thanks, but S'vin's no
problem," he said. "You make sure you don't let Neath get you into
trouble, okay?"

G’wen laughed, thinking of some of her wilder ways. The big green had
calmed down a lot in the last few turns, though she was still a big,
proud and bossy sort. But caring for Marli had matured her, as did her
responsibilities in the queen’s wing. The shadows were growing long.
With a sigh and a final look around, G’wen said, “I should go now.
You’ll always be my best friend, I hope you know.” Afraid of starting
to blubber, G’wen kept onto Neath’s shoulder. He lifted his hand to
his friend in a silent good-bye, before Neath dropped from the ledge,
a brilliant green in the golden light of the sunset.

K'ale lifted a hand in goodbye and watched the impossible pair with a
smile. "You're my best friend too," he said. Imalkyth rumbled his own
goodby to Neath.

Last updated on the June 11th 2024

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